Capital gain from mutual funds and shares reinvested for property purchase

Sumit Khare (1 Points)

02 December 2021  

I have LTCG on the capital gains of mutual funds and shares  and sold one land also and earned LTCG on that , Booked a new house ready to move in .my question is to confirm 

1 . Capital gain from land can be fully reinvested in property and capital gains tax can be exempted under section 54

2. Long term Capital gain and including principal from Mutual fund  and shares (not sure about shares) can be fully reinvested in property and tax exemption of the same may be taken under section 54F 


Whether registration charges are included in the property purchase amount and i can include that charges too against adjustment of LTCG+Principal for mutual fund and LTCG for land 

if some balance is left  on the amount so calculated i.e LTCG+Pricipal for Mutual fund + LTCH for land - Margin money for property -registration charges  then such balances may be used to repay loan to get full exemption of tax


My question has become so long  but i tries to explain my case 



Thanks to community members for considering my case and giving precious time to help me