Can bank A/C for refund be changed later if refund fails?

Rajesh (NA) (243 Points)

10 September 2021  

First of all, very happy Ganesh festival to all. I have a small query. On IT portal my bank ac status is Validated & EVC enabled, still when I click show bank details, it says verification failed at bank. So far no one knows why this discrepancy. Neither IT desk, nor bank. It falls under Technical Glitch for which so far there's no solution.

The question is if because of this if refund processing fails (as per Intimation 143(1)  my refund has been approved) what options do I have to get the refund? Can I create a new bank account under my PAN with a different bank, link & validate it on portal and intimate IT dept to transfer funds to that ac? 

Now I cannot file revised return because it’s already been processed

This is a futuristic sort of query because I suspect something of unknown nature is wrong in Bank ac validation.