Can any one guide me better

sivaram (Asst Mgr-Taxation) (6918 Points)

14 January 2015  

Dear All

I need some good replies to this post? Since I have inclination to move up my career  I go on applying for jobs from various sources and references which I come across .one such source which i got is job net directory where I go on applying to many consultants whose mail id is given in the directory .But some how or other I am getting Fraud Calls  stating that my profile has been short listed for some dream company and You have to pay some money which I know it is fraud  but this call is often coming and it is mostly from delhi .They are somehow or other trying to get my credit card Numbers so that they can swindle money as much as they can

I am also giving the name of the website it is jobs dhamaka ? dear learned members please let me know as to how to avoid such fraud calls and also guide me as to how to get the best source for applying jobs so that I may not land in such kind of fake calls


I need replies and guidance in shaping my my career as i am on the look out for a senior position in some good corporates 


Thanks in advance