CA karne waalon ka haal...

CA. Dashrath Maheshwari (TaXpert) (15090 Points)

14 April 2008  

The below is an article, i have read today and found interesting:


Din mein chain nahi, Raat mein neend nahi,

Jee na lage kahi,

Ae khuda kya yeh pyaar ka jaal hai?

Khuda ne kaha, "Yeh pyaar ka jaal nahin,

CA karne waalon ka haal hai!"


The motto of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI) - the maai baap of all the CA students and members - is "Ya esha supteshu jagrati", meaning, "that person who is awake in those that sleep!" So ICAI has given a clear cut warning - attempt CA only if you want to remain awake when the others are sleeping peacefully.

Top 3 Reasons why you should do CA:

Terrific ROI (Return on Investment): The entire course would cost you not more than 30,000 bucks if you study on your own. Even if you enrol in a coaching class, expect to spend a maximum of Rs. 1 lakh. In return, you can easily earn in the range of Rs. 3-10 lakhs p.a. (depending on your abilities and pass record) as soon as you become a C A. You are also paid during the training period (you have to work like bonded labour for 3½ years under the esteemed title ‘articled clerk’.)

Pay varies from firm to firm - ICAI has some minimum norms, but those so called "norms" are abnormally low - Rs. 1000 per month. However a decent firm might pay you upto Rs. 7000 per month.

Learning the hard ways of life : "There is no free lunch in life" and CA teaches you exactly that. You have to work full time during your training period, and find the time to study as well. You will inevitably end up studying most of the things on your own.

Get corporate ready : The training requirement is the biggest boon and bane of CA course. You get awesome work-experience at the end of which you are much more confident and prepared for your first corporate job. If you join a b school, you would have an edge over freshers.

Top 3 (0000….) Reasons why you should not do CA:

No girlfriends: Where’s the time? Or energy??!!

Lack of street smartness: You will never have the time to attend college (other than to pay fees, give exams and take results), so you will never learn how to play the ‘fool’.

No celebration of Jeans Day, Cap Day, Sex Day (oops - I wish they had that in colleges) or V-Day (in fact every day in office its like ur D-Day.)

No late night parties and the list just goes on…..

(basically you will be forced to stay away from all the fun things in life.)


Last but not the least, remember the CA Anthem:

"Fight fight, never surrender,

After May, there is November...

Where there is a will, there is a way...

After November there is May."