CA Final topper

Chirag M Desai (.) (350 Points)

23 January 2009  

Hi Friends

I sent an email to all the top 5 rankholders in November' 2008 about the reference books and materials they used.

Amil Goyal who bagged 4th rank has been kind and generous to reply.  Lets thank him for that and wish him all the best for his bright future.

His reply is as follows.

"The only thng tht u nd 2 clear ca exams s strng determination...jst blv in urslf nd u'll b on d top of world.

Accounts-Praveen sharma
MAFA-    J.B. Gupta
Audit -     G.Shekhar
Law-        Munish Bhandari
Costing    Sanjay Agg
MICS       Study Material
DT-          Vinod Gupta
IDT           Ajay Jain
If u fnd smthng btr,thn go 4 it....ever1 has his own manner of preparation,do continue wd that.
All d bst 4 ur preparations"


Below is the detailed recommendation from Annapurna Srikanth who bagged 3rd rank in May 2008 exams


     This is Annapurna Srikanth. First of all thank you for your hearty wishes. The strategy I adopted--------
  • Start early
  • Plan properly
  • Execute your plan
  • Self reporting on daily basis{ actual vs. plan}
  • Self testing and correction
I planned and started early so that I had atleast two years at my disposal so that I can do justice to my preparations inspite of managing my office and family commitments. it took around six months to go through all eight subjects. To start with I referred study materials. Then in the second round I went for deeper preparations. There where my meticulous planning and study helped me to reach this height without attending coaching classes. I used the reference books[ as mentioned below ] for clear understanding of the concepts,worked out each problem myself and then compared with the answers.let me exemplify this. If I started a chapter I obtained a clear understanding using study materials and reference books. Then I worked out each and every problem in the scanner      
Think of the alternative possibilities to arrive at the given answer and at the end compare with the one given in compilations. This process made me learn so many things. At the end of the day I was reporting to myself to check where I stood . I thought the number of pages I covered each day would made me accountable to check my actual vs. planned target. Actually I didn’t prepare any notes but converted the material itself into notes by blocking few keywords in each paragraph. so by the end of third round of preparations those keywords got imprinted in my mind and it became easy to refer during the previous day of exams where we strive for each minute of time. There are 3 things in preparing for exams
·        Hard work in the right manner
·        Recollecting
·        Presentation
During last four months I went into intensive preparation each day handling all eight subjects. The last month was a quick review subject wise after which I wrote 2 papers in each subject in simulated examination conditions. This gave me complete confidence and taught me lot many things with regard to time management,the expected pattern of the answers and presentation aspects.
This was the strategy I adopted. If you ask me how was all this possible I would say there is no short cut to success. i realized “ hard work has no substitute”. Wish you all the very best.
Reference books
·        Accounts----M.P.VijayKumar[ for both standards as well as other problems]
·        MAFA-----Pattabhiram
·        Auditing----study materials only[also recent amendments]
·        CLSP------study materials
·        Costing-----study materials and saravana prasath
·        MICS------study materials only
·        Direct Taxes-------T.N.Manoharan only
·        Indirect taxes------Study materials and Vaitheeswaran
·        Others-----scanner,compilations,recent caselaws,recent amendments,suggested answers,RTPs.[went through atleast 3 times]