Ca final exam form - urgent

Stu (student) (295 Points)

07 February 2013  

Hi friends, need your help urgently,

I am under the PE 2 scheme, and May 2013 is my second attempt for CA Final. My articles end in August 2013.

While filling exam form online, they have mentioned the respective name of the scheme for each category, for example - serving last 12 months - PE 2, serving last 6 months - IPCC, etc. In that case, though I am in last 6 months now, I shall still opt for 'last 12 months- PE 2'?

In the Certificate of Service to be signed by principal, the scheme names are not mentioned, and there all they say is 'last 12 months and due to complete articles on or before 30th April 2014' OR 'last 6 months and due to complete 3 years before 31st Oct 2013.'

But in this case, scheme name is not mentioned. So should I fill in the 6 months one or 12 months one?