Ca final audit - pankaj garg or sarthak jain

Hey guys . We all know how this paper can turn our faith in the group 1 results. 

I have already attended classes for audit a while back but not satisfied with the way it was taught. The faculty taught the subject in a manner which was way over simplified compared to  the materials and suggested answers of ICAI. Some concepts have been skipped all together and i am finding it a little difficult to understand them through self study.

I have doubled down on pankaj garg or sarthak jain for audit. 

Have any of you attended classes from them? Please give a review.

My requirements are as follows:

• full coverage of syllabus

• logical explaination.not simply reading from book . It would be better if faculty gives more examples

•should assist us in meeting  standards of ICAI wrt language and key words to be used in exam , presentation , etc.

If you have any other faculty in mind - pen drive or face to face in Hyderabad. Please do suggest. ( also give your reasons) . Please dont suggest surbhi bansal or aarti lahoti.



Pankaj garg @ Aldine CA near FTApcci lakadikapul
MBA & (CA Final)

Aarti Lahoti mam is good.

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now they are asking straight questions in exam, take classes from anywhere u have to but learn pm, past questions.
take pankaj Garg sir book and learn all back illustrations..
for classes I think pankag Garg sir is good
but don't leave any chapter they ask MGMT and operational audit last attempt 10 marks before that they ask sa500 10 marks..paper is very unfortunate

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I studied from pankaj garg sir's book for Finals..its like copy paste of ICAI material but in a good way..
And saw his video in YouTube for few topics... It was easy to understand and very practical....
Though sarthak sir is also good for audit

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better take demo of both I would prefer Aarti lahoti

which ever professor you follow. they will teach audit in generalised way only.. you have to handle technical aspect on ur own by deep study.. changing professors will not work in audit as all are same.. so study hard..that over General study will help you to understand technicality of subject..

and its very bad that we do not have even a single such master professor in audit. you have to do self study only. can't escape from it

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Pankaj Garg Sir is the best For CA Final Audit



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