Ca final audit - pankaj garg or sarthak jain

Bik gayi gormint (Student) (34 Points)

14 May 2018  

Hey guys . We all know how this paper can turn our faith in the group 1 results. 

I have already attended classes for audit a while back but not satisfied with the way it was taught. The faculty taught the subject in a manner which was way over simplified compared to  the materials and suggested answers of ICAI. Some concepts have been skipped all together and i am finding it a little difficult to understand them through self study.

I have doubled down on pankaj garg or sarthak jain for audit. 

Have any of you attended classes from them? Please give a review.

My requirements are as follows:

• full coverage of syllabus

• logical explaination.not simply reading from book . It would be better if faculty gives more examples

•should assist us in meeting  standards of ICAI wrt language and key words to be used in exam , presentation , etc.

If you have any other faculty in mind - pen drive or face to face in Hyderabad. Please do suggest. ( also give your reasons) . Please dont suggest surbhi bansal or aarti lahoti.