CA Final Audio book - ISCA version2/MICS - in 7 / 10 hours

Vipul Dhulla (CA Practice ) (767 Points)

12 September 2010  
Dear Students / Professional,

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… Just got leave from articleship… More to read … in Less time..
There is one subject which can be simplified… MICS/ ISCA version2. [at]
  [ISCA Version 2 - Latest CA Final ISCA updation]

based feedback - Both are in more clarity MALE VOICE &
with Purchase of ONE ebook [MICS] another ebook FREE [ISCA]
CA Final audiolearning
Free chapters for Demo ( chp 1 to 3 ). Experience it and you will see below benefits
Few Features are :-
Magic Test Audio file of Just 7 hours..MICS. / 10 hours in ISCA
  • it does not require even one day….
Magic Test Audio file in mp3 format…
  • so can be store in mobile, Hear it also while in library, in travel, any time…
Magic Test Many chapter have been completed in Just 15 min….
  • Just imagine by the time you just chat or discuss on point… you have gone through complete chapter.
Magic Test Learn with Concept clarity… with exam orientation also…
Magic Test Complete document in PDF formate - for PC and PDA Mobile.
Magic Test More value addition of diagrams… Keywords… Way to remember… Hints…. Presentation skill…, etc.
Magic Test Increasing your capacity of your believe in yourself…
Magic TestPersonal interaction with the Professor. One to One interaction.
Magic TestThis Audio contain an special module “Exam after chapter 3”

Well be honest.. after reading 1,2 & 3chapter - write one test. .. a Magical test.. that will evaluate..your SWOT.

SWOT = strength, Weakness, Opportunities & Threat

Management Information and Control System - Cover Page

Information Systems Control and Audit - Cover Page

Magic Test All Chapter note and audio files is available at a Reasonable fee of Just Rs.1000/-

[ on Purchase of ISCA book get MICS book Free]

for further payment term, delivery or query, kindly contact us on email info @
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