CA degree is seriously devalued

Ankur (CA Final Student) (999 Points)

27 August 2015  

I am a CA Final student who has been, for a long time, looking for a good job having cleared CA-Intermediate. I thought me being a CA-Inter would place in a better place then a B.Com graduate, but alas it is not.

I am also seeing the current job market and even for clerical posts PSU's/Companies are asking for CA/CS/CWA pass-out even though the pay scale and nature of work is not up to the mark.

And even if you are qualified, you are rejected because you may not have cleared CA in the first or second attempt as desired by the company, which is absolutely rubbish! 

I think all this shows that our degree is not being treated with same respect as with other professions which are much more easier to pass then CA.

Not long ago, being a CA-Inter was good enough to get a managerial position in lot many companies on a good pay-scale, but now with MBA being the "it" degree and a herd mentality has allowed this degradation of our esteemed degree.

Why should a person having given 4-6 years of his life , or more, on attaining such a tough degree and 3 years of rigourous training settle for a clerical position or be rejected just because he has taken 1 more attempt then the next person?

I am planning to contact the regional council of ICAI and talk to them about the pathetic market position a CA student/[ass=out finds himself today.