CA degree is of no use.


20 June 2023  
Little long but i need kind.

I had some personal issues and commitments and series of adverse events in my life.

Also was an overthinker.

I am doing CA but have no experience and skills
Also no such general awareness like others.

I know just getting a degree is not enough
And there is no surity about being happy with the work.

This is not relatable. I have suffered a lot. i don't know even know what else should i express..

Today's generation is way more sensible smart and aware..and clear about things.
They have desires.

In a way i am going to start my life from scratch.
I should not have taken so much stress and should not have been afraid of the outside world.

Jab tak samajh aayi tab tak kaafi time kharab ho gaya tha...

I know i will give group 1 in may 24...due to health and level of progress of my preparation.

Doing CA might be a stupidity but i have no option.

Koi batane wala nahi hai ke kaise proceed karu.

Suppose may 24 tak clear ho jata hai but i will be a fresher (34)
without skills and experience is negligible.

Fir kaha kaam karna chahiye
Aur meri value kya hogi

Kyunki kuch bhi goal ya vision nahi hai dimaag mein...

Koi genuine advice de paaye aisa koi mila nhi...

My health is also important
Can't work for very long hours..

Maine mental level par baht bardaasht kia hai

Meri puri life baaki hai

I was not sensible enough...