Beautiful meaning of om

Neeti (CA Final) (327 Points)

31 October 2011  

Om is called the sacred mantra.

Rishis says that Om is the most divine and sacred word in the Gods creation.

Om is represented by the symbol.The two curves of '3' signifies that everybody is equal.

The second part of the symbol which has the 2 curves and the dot . The lower curve represent the surrender i.e. complete surrender to God. The upper curve represents  our soul and th dot represents God. That means when we surrender completely, our Soul is connected to God.

Repetition of Om is most effective in stilling our mind. As we repeat ,we can feel the humming vibrations of this syllable in every cell of our body, we can feel the serenity and peace it carries.

The repetition helps us experience the oneness that is inherently present everywhere.