Ban coaching classes

Stu (student) (295 Points)

16 July 2013  

Just put an end to them once and for all. Why should students' performances be a testament to how much time they spent cramped up in filthy dinghy rooms being lectured by greedy professors who speak more in the vernacular dialects while teaching than they do in English. Is this the sort of environment we see in the corporate offices that these students go on to join? What a culture shock it must be for them after paying fortunes to  sit in those filthy CCs (Coaching Classes, or Concentration Camps, whatever you prefer) for 9 months while fattening the stomachs of these ugly professors. How ironic that at these very professors will wax eloquent about how corrupt the government and it's ministers are while they propagate their own brand of corruption. This starts at the school level, when young kids who do not take private tuitions from their school teachers are given lesser marks in internal projects.