Article - Mindset to become a Chartered Accountant

Prasad R (CA Final) (2128 Points)

05 July 2010  

Mindset to become a Chartered Accountant -

The day we decide to get into this profession called Chartered Accountancy (CA) ensures that we all have the potential to be a CA. Bt why is that at times some quit in between ? some have doubts whether they have the potential to be a CA or not ? The fear of low passing percentages and other doubts in their mind ? Peer pressures, family pressures and other factors makes it difficult for some students to clear the mental hurdle that affects their performance in exams.


Here is what I would suggest everyone  out of my own experience to overcome the mental obstacles and question that arise in ones mind . –


·        Self Belief – “I CAN DO IT” –  Self belief this is a vital force that determines the confidence and attitude of  students. If u believe that u have it in you to be a CA, I can bet that no one can stop u from becoming a CA . Some lack belief due to the fear of failure, peer pressures, family pressures etc. Everyone who has enrolled for this course is a “ POTENTIAL CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT” you heard it right potential CA just that the dream has to be converted into reality. This can only be done if u believe that u have it in you to become a CA because if you don’t trust ur potential and abilities how are other going to trust your potential. Believe urself and have that attitude that “I CAN DO IT”. Trust me it will pay but never be complacent and over – confident it may strike back.


·        Optimistic and Realistic Approach – It’s a must to be always optimistic and positive in life. Life is all about the way you see it. Failure may dent ur confidence at times but don’t be dettered by that , infact rise up again strongly and be optimistic that success is not far. “ Failure is not when u fall but absolute failure is when u fail to rise back again”. Success looks more sweeter after one has faced a defeat. So never have the attitude that u have not succeeded always think you are close to it .Make every possible effort to turn the failure upside down and to convert it into success. Its good to be optimistic in life but when u know u lacked a little in your performance its good to be realistic and trying even more harder again for success. This approach can be used by those who are not sure whether they will make it through in their exams and are awaiting for results. During that time its advisable to be realistic and work harder for success in case results are not favourable in CA terms we may say it as ( Provision for Contigency ).


·        No substitute for Hard Work – It’s not enough to be intelligent to become a CA here infact that to me is not the primary requisite. Even an average student may become a CA all what is required is extreme hardwork, a good plan and its proper execution. If one has put the required efforts no one can stop that person from qualifying CA.


·        You may create your own “DESTINY” -   I’ll say that destiny is something which one can create of his own. Keep working hard and unknowingly u’ll be shaping your own destiny. At times even after lot of hardwork one is not able to succeed may be the time was not favourable we may say like that. But even then try and assess what went wrong I’m sure u’ll get a reason for sure a logical reason for the failure.Work on that weakness even more harder success will be on your way soon.  This way one can create their “OWN DESTINY”.


·        Don’t fear the statistics about CA exams  -  CA is considered to be a tough exam one of the reasons are low passing percentages and tough paper structure. But friend’s this is the same for everyone appearing in exams isn’t it ? Some get ranks, some clear with good marks, some get just passing marks and some doesn’t make it. Bt is there any difference in the paper that the students get ? No is the answer the plaftform is the same for everyone. Don’t worry about how the passing percentage will be this attempt even if it is 2% or 20% just think that you have to be in 2% range or 20% range what ever the case may be to qualify CA. Many may not fall in that passing category but that doesn’t mean they don’t deserve its just that they lacked a little somewhere but they equally deserve to qualify if not this time then may be next time. So never lack the confidence and self -belief that you are not deserving work even more harder for success.


·        Think CA profession is a “ONE WAY” – Always think that you are in a “ONE WAY” the day u got registered for CA course. Never have this feeling of quitting it. For some success would had been delayed but there is no turning back now once u have cleared CA (PCC/PE-2/IPCC) because you are just one step (CA FINAL) behind to be called a CA . Have loads of patience with you in case u feel like quitting as there is a huge difference between a CA qualified and CA (PCC/PE-2/IPCC) qualified. Have that urge to be called as a “Chartered Accountant” one day.


What I have said above is all about “ATTITUDE” and mind set. Have self- belief, work hard, be optimistic, be realistic, confident and a “ I CAN DO IT” attitude success will surely be yours one day.



This is my first article in CA Club India kindly give me ur valuable feedback.



Best Wishes

Prasad R