Are we having the easiest ca final exams? (as per some)

Ankur (CA Final Student) (999 Points)

12 November 2014  

We are on the verge of having the last paper of the first group and i am wondering, while sitting for the papers myself, that are we having the EASIEST CA FINAL EXAMS OF ALL TIME? angel

Are we going to have record breaking exemptions and pass %? Guess not.

I think these comments are mostly from people who have given the exams for the 1st time and were expecting very tricky questions or people who had a few questions from their books in the paper.....

But the truth is never judge a book from it's cover and definetly not the outcome of results before they are declared!

Strict markings, moderations of result, silly mistakes even in known questions are common....So let's concentrate on the papers and wait for the EASIEST RESULT of all time