Amazing places to visit before you die

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08 December 2012  


Amazing Places to visit before you die

You have not lived, if you haven’t experienced the beautiful sun-kissed beaches, or not ascended the tallest mountains around the world, or not visited the renowned cities that the world history brags about. The World is boasting of the most exotic beaches, serene mountains, bustling cities, peaceful countryside and party centrals, all you need to do is pack your bag and jet set go!! To make life simpler we’ve gathered 10 places that will give you the experience of a lifetime and myriad of memories to cherish.




1) Maldives

Where to begin?? Let’s begin closer to home, Maldives, situated south west of India in the Indian Ocean is a beautiful and exotic island nation formed by a double chain of 26 atolls.
Coral reefs, clear blue water, and you swigging on a tropical cocktail, relaxing on white sand beaches, Ah! What else does one need to vacation.

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2) Great Barrier Reef – Australia

Australia’s natural wonder and world’s largest coral reef. The Great Barrier Reef is bursting with an abundance of marine life and embraces over 3000 individual reef systems and coral cays and hundreds of quaint tropical islands with some of the world’s most beautiful sun-soaked, golden beaches. Grab a pair of flippers and explore the gigantic reef.

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3) Canadian Rockies – Canada

The Canadian Rockies are the Canadian fragments of the North American Rocky Mountains range. Majestic, Rocky Mountains covered with coniferous trees and snow covered peaks stand tall and proud waiting to be explored. There’s wildlife, gorgeous scenery, adventure sports for all ages, national parks, hill stations, serene ice lakes,  in short not a single reason to not visit this place.

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4) Las Vegas – USA

If you are not much of a beach or a mountain person, then go visit the desert!! And not any desert but the famed deserts of the State of Nevada, USA. What is so special about this desert is the Las Vegas city, Party and Entertainment Capital of the World. Lots of casinos, shopping and fine dining with a world of entertainment hubs will keep you up the entire night. But oh! Yes don’t forget to book a seat for your ‘Money Bag’ , you can’t travel alone there.!!

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5) Cape Town – South Africa

 Cape Town in Western Cape of South Africa is one of the most beautiful cities ever.  Cape Town has been an eternal harbour city and hence its affiliation with the Dutch, French, Germans, South East Asia. This has also lent to its multi-cultural society. The grand presence of Table Mountain, the sun kissed beaches along the pristine coastline, the world heritage- Flora Kingdom, the bountiful rivers jostling through numerous picturesque country sides is a perfect vacation spot for anybody.

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6) Venice – Italy

The floating city, the city of bridges, city of masks, city of canals, venezia etc. Many names but one of Europe’s most lovely and romantic cities, Venice.  You cannot help but get lost in this city of water. The World Heritage City has more tourists than residents seen on the streets!! The world renowned architecture of Heritage buildings, Basilicas, Churches is awe inspiring.  Floating on the lazy river of Po and Piave in the gondola and sipping red wine and listening to ‘Vivaldi’ playing in the distant backdrop is a perfect get away for love bugs.

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7) Santorini – Greece

Well, if Volcanoes disrupt life and cause destruction then that fable has gone all wrong, don’t believe check  Santorini, an island in the southern Aegean sea in Greece. Santorini is what remains after one of the world’s most deadly Volcano eruptions but still the most pristine and picturesque city. Black Sand beaches surrounding the coast line and white washed buildings perched over the Cliffside, narrow streets, buildings so close to each other that you can lunge from one to another, friendly community and delicious Greek food will never make you want to leave this paradise on earth. Pure Charm – Santorini!!

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8) Dublin – Ireland 

The gorgeous Ireland capital, Dublin has an eclectic mix of city, countryside and coastline. You have the old city charm and the magnificence of metropolis. Beyond the literary fame, the city is known for its old-fashioned cafes and up-to-the-minute nightlife. The pubs of Dublin are most famous. People here love beer, good conversations and live music. The City of Dublin has it all, a mix of medieval, Georgian and modern architecture, riches of history and culture, a legendary literary tradition, shopping, dining, nightlife, in all a complete package deal for a wonderful vacation.

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9) Paris

Of course, the city doesn’t need much descripttion, just the name Paris could get you running to book your travel to the city of lights, love and fashion. The Eiffel Tower, river Seine, the riversides of which are flanked by museums, cathedrals, churches, grand palaces, and the welcoming cobble-stoned streets are pure magnetic attractions to the tourists, world over. Paris’ ego is its art, culture, cinema and Cafes!

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10) Emerald Pools, the Alps, Austria

What lies amongst the gargantuan Alps are the Emerald Pools. The brilliant fluorescent green pools that will mesmerize your senses, and the tranquility of these spectacular green pools will transcend your soul to the next level. So serene and peaceful that it will leave you dumb-struck, what if you never knew this place existed or you never got a chance to make it here.     

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