Agreement for using licence of petrol pump

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Dear All,

Can anyone provide me a draft / sample agreement / MoU for using a License for Petrol Pump?

Mr. A holds a License of Petrol Pump but is not capable of actually starting & running a Petrol Pump and earn.

Mr. B has the capability to start & run a Petrol Pump but does not holds a license to do so.

So, Mr. B will use license of Mr. A and will set up and run the Petrol Pump. For this, Mr. B will pay some % of net profit of the pump to Mr. A.

Is this legal in India?

Thanks in Advance !!!


The type of constitution you are talking about is not suppoted by any oil company. If in case B wanted to join B and run the pump A can be madee as a partner ( i shall provide all assistance) and then run the show or else A will not have a right and B`s licence can be cancelled by oil company if they get to know of the understanding between A and B. Its better to hold a share and then do it


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