Agm and auditor's signature reg.

CS Ambrish (Comp-Secretary) (175 Points)

11 May 2013  

Dear all,

I have two queries reg audit financials and approval in BoD and AGM. Please advise.

1. AGM to be held for pvt ltd co. at a shorter notice, hence the BoD and the AGM happens on the Same day. Now the problem is auditor is not available on that day for signing the financials once the BoD approves it and before the AGM is held ? Can the directors sign the financials on suppos the day is 05.01.13 and auditors sign on 07.01.13 ? will this invalidate the proceedings of the AGM by not having the audited results ?

2. What can be the alternative to the above if the date ? should the AGM be postponed or be conducted on 07.01.13 ?