Action on ineligible itc in gstr2

Avinash Jeevan Dsouza (Assistant In Charge Accountant)   (3284 Points)

04 November 2017  

Is there any other way to avoid this?   

For e.g. I am having total number invoices in gstr2 is 2500 and relate to my ITC is just 1000 and i accept the 1000. Rest 1500 invoice I will have to go individually and give the action as ineligible ITC, and same is time consuming. Without taking action on all the updated invoice in gstr2 we cannot file the return.

Is it advisable to tell my vendor to upload invoices that is related to ITC or is there any other method? Or we need to give GSTIN to party which we can claim the ITC.

I cannot do anything online because am having more than 500 invoices. 

How can I suggest GST team regarding my concern? How can I post my feedback?

While entering the GSTR1 they need to provide the option saying resale or customer. If it is resale we can avail the ITC on the same. Otherwise they will be huge number of data in the GSTR 2 and it is not possible to finish within short time. Other wise they need to provide the option of ineligible ITC.