Accounting Journal Entries

Jigar (B.Com) (135 Points)

27 November 2021  

F.Y. 2020-21

Paid Rs.5000 to Samarpan Electrical as advance for certain electrical work. Accounting entri was passed as following;-

11-11-2020           Electrical  Repair Expenses A/c.............Dr. 5000

                                           To Cash A/c.                                                  5000

(Audit Report was final and printed) 

F.Y. 2021-22

An Invoice of RS.15,000 receive on 22-08-2021 from Samarpan Electrical after completion of work. Paid Rs.10,000 by issuing Cheque on 25-08-2021.


How to adjust the difference of Rs.5000 already paid in P.Y. 2020-21????

What entry should be passed.????