A new idea

Sanjeev Parasrampuria (B.Com CA Final CS Final)   (273 Points)

15 February 2013  

Dear Friends,


CA is sound conceptually but most of CA Student and also CA is poor in comunication skill        
and presentation. He/She have vast experience in Finance field but he/She can't able to present this      
to another person like Director of Co.,CFO etc.                
This is a big problem of CA Field. ICAI is running Orientation and GMCS Program for removing this problem    
but these program attend by student only for getting certificate which is requirement of ICAI and not take seriously  
because every student get certificate if he/She attend these program. There is no strickness for these program like Test, Grade etc.
In my opinion ICAI should be add a Practical Test Series in these program in which Student present himself in front of Expert Pannel
and Expert give Marks on the basis of his/her performance, if he pass that test series then he will eligible for Exam.  
What is your opinion and suggestion regarding this…???