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hanzala khan (student) (43 Points)
Replied 09 March 2011

hi , Ravi Khanal.

its really hurts me when i listen a word that you have expressed . its really unfortunate with the Icwai, which  is a dynamic institute of education and creating lots of employment to the country. i can agree with you . I dint have gone through the same exprience what you have faced. but, i can feel the pain you have had sometime. you were genuine still you faced so much of problem, even you couldn't appear in the exam due the reason you have mentioned in your complain. Many of times we student forget to complain but this is wrong . we should take action. it happend with you today it can happen with me tomorrow. So we should raised voice against all the bad behaviour employee of the institute . lets hope that Mr. president of Icwa can listen our words, and other student can feel good about the treatment of the icwai employee.

best of luck. I really appreciate the job of icwai employee but few people have created lots of problem for students. and i also appreciate for your initiative to tackle this kind of problem.

good by..

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CA-CWA RAVI (CA-CWA in industry) (5464 Points)
Replied 09 March 2011

thanks hanzala ji 

CA-CWA RAVI (CA-CWA in industry) (5464 Points)
Replied 17 March 2011

just to continue the above topic ....

i fill up my exam form for june 2011 exmas

visited the nirc office at lodhi road on 16th march 

well the officer who was calling and trying to convince me earlier that say the president everything is fine now so that nirc could not be blamed

took much time to recognise my name and complaint

later on it was 1.30 lunch time and it was supposed to end at 2pm as official lunch time is 1-2pm

but they were invisible on their seats till 2.30 pm 

what to say ,..... many people especially girls were waiting for windows to be opened in this summer begining 

at end when they checked my exam form they refused to accept it saying that speed post to kolkata only 

if u want us to receive it here than come after 1st april ....

ha ha ha ha ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, yeh log kabhi nahi sudher sakte ....

apni policy khud bana li that regional councils will not accept the exam form when nothing like that is declared by the central council ...

guys watch out for more pains ahead ....

they are enjoying the fact that we respect them and they rule on us at least for sme seconds of our life

Lekshmi (Chartered Accountant) (1255 Points)
Replied 18 March 2011


Gandhiji ne kaha tha ki you must be the change that you want to see in the world. And you had made your efforts towards it.

Seems these guys wont change. Asking you to tell the president that everything is fine!!!! Am reminded of a short story.. It goes like this-

Abraham Lincoln faced with some thorny issue that could be settled by a twist of language, or a slight abuse of power, asks his questioner how many legs would a dog have, if we called the dog’s tail, a leg. “Five,” the questioner responds confident in his mathematical ability to do simple addition.

“No,” Lincoln says. “Calling a dog’s tail a leg, doesn’t make it a leg.”

Same issue here!!!! Even if you say everything is fine, it is not gonna change!!!

So keep up your spirits high!!!! Raise your voice against all the establishmentarians who are making the whole student community suffer!!!

We all are there for you, just keep on going.....

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AJAY SIMHA (CMA - final) (190 Points)
Replied 18 March 2011

i think every where there are problems


but i have not experienced such thinks, i am from b'lore i am oral student, i think b'lore chapter of ICWA is on the best for services, all credit goes to Mr. Anegundi chairman of the chapter




cwa final

CA. Sanjeev Mangal (Accounts officer) (21 Points)
Replied 28 December 2011

All mail id given by sh. manish are not available

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