A fresh topic for seminar

Sunni (Intern) (144 Points)

19 March 2013  

Dear All,

Hope ur doing in great health. I need suggestions of yours in order to polish or improvise myself in my office.

The thing is every saturday my office conducts seminar on different topics.... They choose people on a particular topic and the same must be presented. 

I personally want to get rid of my stage fear and also want to show my team leaders and others that even i ve got some stuff and dat even i can work and not be driven by someone.... 

But the problem is THE TOPIC.

I want to speak upon a different but important topic which no one has ever MOSTLY TRIED...!!

Any topic that is important fr our audit purposes.

Any act or any law, anything...

IT MUST NOT BE A COMMON OR I-KNOW-THIS kind of topics.... 


Can you help me plzzzz ??

It would be of great help to me if you'd suggest with a nice interesting topic...


coz this time i wanna rock the seminar and also for few people to take back the adverse opinion on me...





Thank u in advance