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Refund Of Input Tax Credit Under GST (Recording)

with CA Sachin Jain

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Duration: 4 Hours

Language: Hinglish

Validity: 1 Months & 4 time Views

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About Refund Of Input Tax Credit Under GST

In this course we are going to cover the following aspects of Refund of Input Tax Credit:

  1. Complete Analysis of Refund of Input Tax Credit: In this segment we will cover complete point wise analysis of various situations where taxpayers can apply for a claim of refund. With such stringent laws it becomes important for us to know about the refund segment and the procedure to claim our refund. So, in this course we will touch each and every aspect of what and how to do so. The approach of learning will completely be based on practical examples only so that everyone can understand the typical provisions in easy manner.
  2. Documentary Requirements and Conditions for Claiming Refund: While analysing the scenario we found that many times applicant fails to provide proper documents hence refund got rejected by revenue authority so In this portion we will discuss about mandatory documentation required for various categories of refund and conditions needed to be fulfilled in the process of filing for a refund.
  3. Calculation of Eligible refund amount : While filing the refund application the biggest crucial issue is that how to determine the eligibility of refund, category of refund and the eligible amount of refund. to find answer of all these questions, we are coming with an easy technique/tool in this course. We will cover the complete calculation part in a practical way so that everyone can understand it in an easy way.
  4. Disbursal of Refund: In this section you will know how the funds are disbursed to the applicant. What documents are issued and how they are availed. This segment is also important for us because in this segment we will also discuss about the techniques to handle various types of deficiency memos issued by the departmental authority. Also will discuss what steps should be taken in case of short disbursal of refund by the authority.
  5. Cases in which refunds can be restrained: Here we will discuss the cases notwithstanding the criteria for an eligible refund. We will also discuss the purpose behind such sections. While discussing the above segment we will come to know various situations regarding ineligibility to refund claims. From the above discussion we can guide our clients in a better way.
  6. Discussion regarding Consumer Welfare Fund: In this part we will discuss what is consumer welfare fund, how it is utilized and rules to be followed under the section. This part is quite interesting for everyone because through this discussion we can understand the complete process of disbursal of refund which is a very important and crucial part of law. Will discuss this part completely in a practical way.
  7. Analysis Of Section 55: In this Section we will discuss Refund in certain special cases. We will also discuss rules regarding refund of tax in case of certain persons, retail outlets, or goods exported out of India. This segment is also important because this segment will cover all the major industries and related rules to claim refund in different cases.
  8. Miscellaneous: Lastly, in this segment we will cover refunds from a litigation point of view. Will discuss recent case studies related to refund which will be very much useful in our day to day practices. Will also discuss techniques to handle litigation or departmental notices on account of refund.

Experienced Faculty

CA Sachin JainCA Sachin Jain is a practicing chartered accountant and partner at M/S JAIKUMAR JAIN & COMPANY, a leading ca firm in Rajasthan. He is a young and dynamic chartered accountant with unique and innovative thinking. He has vast experience in the field of Indirect Taxation, Auditing, and Commercial Laws etc. He is an advocate and company secretary also. He has trained more than 20,000 professionals across India. He has written many articles on GST, concurrent Audit, MCA Compliances etc. He has authored the book "71 Important Decisions under GST", 'Simplified GST Guide'.

Terms and Conditions:

  • The validity of the Recorded Session: 1 Months with 4 time Views


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