WINNING WAYS - How to clear CA exams? (Speakers - T N Manoharan, V Pattabhi Ram)

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WINNING WAYS is a video talk and is based on the book Roadmap for the CA student.

It talks about many things that are crucial to success: how to set goals and achieve them; how to improve your memory and strengthen your brains. It talks about the three ITs and the three PTs of success. There is a discussion on managing time and enhancing your study skills. Importantly, the speakers explain the skill-set needed to crack the CA examination. There is a module on how to select the firm for Internship and what you will learn in the firm. The course winds up with a talk on the career opportunities, once you qualify as a CA. Through all this there is a sprinkling of success stories of CAs.

Module 0: Introduction

Introduces the context, the speakers and the Academy

Module 1: Chartered to succeed

Success stories and TWO lessons therefrom

Module 2: Magic of dreams, brain and memory

Importance of dreaming big; FOUR types of goals; SIX keys to goal setting; SMART goals; FIVE brainy ideas; Memory models; How does the librarian pick the right book from the right rack? NINE tricks to improve your memory

Module 3: Yes we can

I?Ts and P?Ts of success: Interest, Intelligence, and Involvement. Planning, Perseverance and Practice. Replete with examples

Module 4: Enhancing study skills

Law of attraction, Reading, Writing and Arithmetic skills. Before, During and After the Class. Model exams. SEVEN ideas in staying focused.

Module 5: Time management

Time quadrants. SIX time management tools

Module 6: Getting the best out of Article-ship

Where to do your Internship. What can you expect from the firm? TEN mandatory lessons. TEN soft-skills. Should you take up Industrial training. Key learnings

Module 7: Examination

Before the Exam. At the Exam. Presenting an answer. After the Exam.

Module 8: Charging ahead

EIGHT New Rules. MANY Opportunities. More courses. Growing up.

Speakers Profile: -

T N Manoharan

"T N Manoharan, past president of the ICAI, is a Padma Shri awardee. He was part of the government nominated board that turned around Satyam. A widely acclaimed international speaker, an author whose books on taxation for CA students are immensely popular, he is the founder partner of a well-known multi-locational public accounting firm."

V Pattabhi Ram

V Pattabhi Ram's blog describes him as a CA by profession, a writer by passion and a teacher by accidental choice. Interned at DHS, he is the founding partner of an accounting firm and is co-founder of Prime Academy. His book First Lessons in Strategic Financial Management is widely read among CA students. He is the co-author of Roadmap, the self-help book based on which this video-cast is made. He is a regular speaker at the professional circuit, both in India and internationally.

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