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CA Final New SFM by CMA Chander Dureja (Strategic Financial Management)

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Increasing globalisation and cross-border flow of capital and transaction have made Strategic Financial Management an important discipline. The paper helps students to acquire the ability to apply financial management theories and techniques in strategic decision making. The Strategic Financial Management ca final paper by CMA Chander Dureja delves into financial planning, balancing financial goals with respect to sustainable growth, identification, evaluation and management of various risks faced by an organization, security valuation and securitization. The ca final SFM paper also includes portfolio management, aspects of mutual fund, corporate valuation and very importantly- aspects of mergers, acquisitions and corporate restructuring. The remaining part of the paper covers international financial management, foreign currency market, exchange rate determination, the trending topic of startup finance, among others. It is to be noted that the ca final sfm practice manual becomes extremely important for this paper. Pendrive classes available now!

Strategic Financial Management Topics

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