Basics of Blockchain for Finance Professionals

by CAclubindia and Talent Catalyst

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Basics of Blockchain for Finance Professionals

Description of the Course:

Blockchain Technology has revolutionized the information technology world with ideas about trusted computing and auditable record Keeping. Distributed ledgers as a general case of blockchains are getting a lot of attention from various verticals. The concept of smart contracts have very wide applicability in any industry that requires entities to transact with each other in a trusted and honest way. Although the world of blockchains is a bit daunting for a layman, it is imperative to understand the features that can be expected from blockchain based systems. It is possible that in very near future we will be interacting with blockchain based systems for day to day services like banking e-commerce logistics governance et cetera. Blockchain technology needs to be understood as a set of features that can be enabled by a specific combination of technical systems. We have tailored this course keeping in mind non Information Technology professionals who want to understand the proposition of blockchain without getting into the technical aspects in depth. The course is structured in 7 modules where each module builds up on the concepts discussed in the previous one. We have also discussed some tangential issues like laws and regulations, acceptability of the technology, its future prospects and vocations associated with it. It also has a section on cryptocurrency trading which is not intended to be an endorsement of cryptocurrencies but just a learning exercise.

What will you learn in this Blockchain Course?

At the end of the Blockchain course by CAclubindia, you will have a thorough understanding of all the fundamental concepts of blockchains and various terms and concepts associated with them.

You will also learn about Trading and ICOs (Initial Coin Offerings) and their laws and regulations

Who should enroll in this course?

This Blockchain course is for everyone (including professionals) who wishes to understand the basics of blockchain technology and wants to enhance their career through this additional skill/ capability.

This Blockchain course is for

This course has been designed with non technical audience keeping the treatment and simple with common sense and normal terminology.

  • CAs in Practice who wish to diversify their practice in the Blockchain field
  • Financial Analysts in Job who wish enhance their understanding and grow their career
  • CA Students and Fresher CAs who wish to learn the basic and advanced concepts of this new technology.

Content of the Course:

Basics of Blockchain

  • Introduction
  • Banks and Blockchain
  • Digital Signatures
  • Crypto Hashes
  • Peer to Peer Computing

  • CryptoCurrencies and CryptoExchanges

  • Cryptocurrency Concepts
  • Wallets
  • Crypto Trading
  • Laws and Regulations

  • Smart Contracts

  • Introduction
  • Definition of Smart Contracts
  • Types of Smart Contracts
  • Examples

  • Tokens, ICO and Laws

  • Tokens and Securities
  • Howey Test
  • Basics Laws and Regulations

  • Various Blockchain Platforms

  • Private - Hyperledger, Ethereum Quorum etc,
  • Public - Bitcoin, Ethereum etc

  • Blockchain Use cases

  • Use cases in Healthcare
  • Use cases in e-governance
  • Use cases in Supply Chains
  • Use cases in e-Commerce
  • Use cases in Arts

  • Careers in Blockchain Tech

  • Some careers enabled by Blockchain Ecosystem

  • About the Training Instructor:

    Yash Sharma

    Yash Sharma is a trainer/developer/consultant for blockchain technology.Conducted Training sessions in various Universities.Conducted Online Training also.

    Experiences :

  • Blockchain Enabled Supply chain/Warehouse solution architect,IOT and mobility solution developer.
  • VART (Blockchain enabled Visual Art system developer) playstore Id = com.komhar.vart
  • Development of Healthcare EMR system on ethereum (local demo)
  • Worked on a P2P lending project using IOTA/USDT/ERC20 - Not live (code available)
  • Worked on RANDAO (random number smart contract with oraclize)
  • Worked on microraiden state channels for micropayments.

  • Terms and Conditions:

    • Total Length of Videos: 4.17 Hrs
    • Expiry: 3 months 15 hours of viewing whichever is earlier from the date of registration.
    • Videos are meant for web viewing only and cannot be downloaded. Videos are available in Full Screen viewing
    • Course/Subject purchased once cannot be cancelled.

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