Advanced Excel Certificate Course

By CA Agrika Khatri

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Course Curriculum

  • Introduction
  • Opening First Excel worksheet, Intoduction of Every Element on Sheet and Defining Range
  • Navigation, Data Entry, Formatting and Basic Calculation
  • Copying Formulas, Relative and Absolute Referencing
  • Comprehensive Practice of Relative and Absolute Referencing
  • Referencing Further Practice
  • Quick Revision, Explaining Ribbon and Excel Shortcuts
  • Backstage of Excel ie. File Tab and Introducing the Operational Shortcuts
  • Customizing the Ribbon Intro to Formula Tab
  • TRUE, FALSE, IF, AND, OR Function
  • IF Function Together with AND, OR Function
  • Nested if Function
  • Autosum Functions and Mathematical Exercises
  • Paste Special Function
  • Paste Link, Transpose, Insert,Delete and Format Cells Function
  • Linking Data Between the Sheets and its Benefit
  • Conditional Formatting
  • Count Function
  • Rank Function, Minimum, MAX, Large and Small Function
  • Sumif, SumIFS
  • CountIF, AverageIf Function
  • Mround, Ceiling, Floor
  • Rounddown, RoundUp Functions
  • Integer and Trunc Functions
  • Trim and Proper Function
  • Find and Search Function
  • Upper, Lower and Proper Function
  • Concatenate Function
  • Repeat and Substitute Function
  • Substitute Function Practice
  • Substitute and Repeat Function
  • Replace Function
  • Date and Time Function Introduction
  • Customise Your Own Date Format
  • Today Function and Addition, Substraction to Dates
  • EDATE Function
  • EOM Function
  • Introduction to Chart and Different Ways of Inserting a Chart
  • Introducing all the Chart Elements and Formatting Each Element
  • Improving your Chart by Using Various Charts Layouts, Colors and Designs
  • Data Series Editing, Saving a Template and Other Basic Chart Details
  • When to Use Which Chart Type-an Intro and Winding up Session
  • VLOOKUP Function
  • MATCH and HLOOKUP Function
  • Tell me what do You Want Option in Excel
  • Protecting, Freeze Panes,Show and Customize the Ribbon
  • Table Making, Designng, Sort and Filter in Table Mode and with the Use of Slicer Option
  • AutoCorrect function for Short Hand Wriring, Automatic Decimal Entry and Various Miscellaneous Points in FILE Tab
  • Intro to Advance Course Solution of Error in Answers When we Decrease the Decimal
  • Advance Date Function YEARFRAC DATEDIF Combined Uses of Many Functions Together
  • DATEVALUE VALUE Function Custom Formatting to Solve Many Excel Problems
  • Combined use of DATEVALUE and Function
  • Revision of all Date Time Functions DAY Function DAYS Function Combined Use of DATE YEAR MONTH AND DAYS Function
  • Lets do Some Finance on Excel. Beginning with NPV
  • IRR and XIRR Function
  • Modified IRR
  • Its Easy to Create a Loan Amortisation Schedule on Excel.Use PMT Function
  • PMT and IPMT Function
  • Effective Annual Rate of Interest. EFFECT Function
  • Depreciation Schedule Made Easy. DB Function
  • Future Value Function
  • Perform Net Present Value on Excel Finance Function
  • Concept of Beta in Finance and its Calculation on Excel
  • Address Function
  • Area Function
  • Row, Column Function and Formulatext Function
  • Formulatext Function Practice and Hyperlink Creation
  • Index and Match Function
  • Some Practice
  • Transpose Function Vs. Paste Special
  • Offset Function
  • Offset as an Array Function
  • Minute and Month Function
  • Month Function Additional Exercises
  • Network Days Function
  • Array Function help Save Time
  • Databse Function
  • Validation
  • Protection and Hiding
  • Goal Seek Analysis
  • Subtotal Function
  • What if Analysis Data Table
  • Scenario Manager
  • Summary of Scenario Manager
  • Shortcut Revision and more Advance Shortcuts
  • Advance Shortcut Continued
  • Add or Create a PPT or WORD Within Your Excel Sheet90. Add or Create a PPT or WORD Within Your Excel Sheet
  • Advance Fill Sequence
  • Audit Tools in Excel, Evaluate Formula
  • 3D and Consolidate Data Function
  • Let Excel Speak to you
  • Easy to View the Same Excel Sheet Side by Side for Easy Analysis
  • Make Your Excel Sheet Print Ready. Print and Page Setup
  • Pivot
  • Macro VBA Introduction

About the Training Instructor:

CA Agrika Khatri

CA Agrika is a qualified Chartered Accountant and holds experience in the Investment Banking Domain. Besides the technical professional background she has due inclination towards spiritual development and conducts programs on mind fullness, meditation and personal growth. She imparts lectures for professional examination and conducts several certification programs. Her easy way to learn mnemonic style and smart revision strategy has helped her student's crack tough professional exam.

Terms and Conditions:

  • Total Length of Videos: 18.8 Hrs
  • Expiry: 3 months 72 hours of viewing whichever is earlier from the date of registration.
  • Videos are meant for web viewing only and cannot be downloaded. Videos are available in Full Screen viewing
  • Course/Subject purchased once cannot be cancelled.

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