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CA Ronak Mehta,CA Harish Wadhwani

CA Ronak Mehta is an esteemed expert in Direct Taxation and International Taxation, highly regarded for his conceptual understanding, effective memorization, and efficient revision techniques in the field of Direct Taxation. With over 10 years of teaching experience, he has built a reputation for his deep knowledge and ability to impart complex tax concepts with clarity. His expertise and teaching methods have made him a valuable resource for students and professionals alike, seeking to navigate the intricate world of taxation. Prof. Ronak's contribution to the field, particularly in educating the next generation of tax experts, underscores his significance as a leading figure in taxation education.CA Harish Wadhwani is recognized as a master of Indirect Taxation, earning the reputation of being a highly sought-after professor, particularly for his comprehensive and insightful notes. Known for his deep expertise and hands-on approach to the subject, Prof. Harish stands out as a passionate educator. His ability to simplify and convey complex indirect tax concepts clearly makes him an invaluable asset to students and professionals alike. His enthusiasm and dedication to the field of taxation not only inspire his students but also significantly contribute to their understanding and mastery of Indirect Taxation.


Direct Taxation (CMA Inter) by CA Ronak Mehta,CA Harish Wadhwani

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