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CA Praviin Mahajan online classes

CA Praviin Mahajan


Besides teaching since 1999 CA Praviin Mahajan has wide Experience in fields of SEZ consultancy, Taxation, Project Finance.

He is actively trading in stock market since 1995 (Since teenage), being a desendant of family of traders. He has extensively researched scams in stock market and financial institutions over a period of 20 years, starting from 1992 Harshad Mehta stock Scam. He has witnessed the advent of derivative trading since 2001 and engaged in derivative (Commodity and stock) trading since and also took advantage from the new ventures commenced in form of currency trading in 2008.

Due to his vast experience, study and understanding of Markets, he has acquired in depth knowledge of various aspects and concepts of Financial management which is recognized by various Business Administration Institutes and Trading divisions of Banks and Financial Institutions where he shared his Knowledge as guest faculty. He delivered lectures on scams in Indian markets.

He is widely acknowledged and appreciated for his simplistic and story oriented delivery of complicated concepts in the field of Finance, Perfect illustration of which is given in this module, in which discussion is made about relatively new concept in the field of finance. Forward rate agreements which he also delivered in various organizations.

He is Faculty of ICAI

He is known for adopting formula free approach for understanding and imparting such understanding on various aspects of finance.

He has been a faculty exclusively for CA since 2001 and is teaching MAFA/SFM since 2007. He has designed various shortcuts in respect complicated topics like money market hedge, forward rate interest, Bond duration besides others, 12 years experience in the similar subject has enabled to understand the requirements of students and corroborate and match it with the changing demands and patterns of CA Examination and standards of ICAI


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