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Khyati Pathak

Khyati Ma’am is a highly regarded and experienced instructor in the field of personal grooming and development. With her exceptional knowledge and expertise, she empowers individuals to enhance their self-confidence and present themselves with grace and poise. Khyati Ma’am’s classes are not just about physical appearance; they delve deeper into cultivating inner beauty and personal growth. Through her insightful lessons and practical guidance, she equips her students with essential skills such as effective communication, body language, etiquette, and professional grooming. Khyati Ma’am’s warm and approachable demeanor creates a comfortable environment for her students to explore and embrace their unique qualities. Her dedication and passion for nurturing individuals’ self-esteem make her an invaluable mentor in the journey of personal transformation.


Job Interview & Resume Writing Skills (Skill Development) by Khyati Pathak
Dress to Impress (Skill Development) by Khyati Pathak
Prevention of Sexual Harassment (Skill Development) by Khyati Pathak
Business Etiquette & Body Language (Skill Development) by Khyati Pathak
Fine Dining Etiquette (Skill Development) by Khyati Pathak

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