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CS Amit Mahto

CS Amit Mahto, a key figure in the Law faculty, boasts over 10 years of experience teaching law to Company Secretary (CS) students. His expertise in corporate law and governance, combined with a decade of educational experience, makes him an exceptional educator and mentor. Amit is known for his ability to break down complex legal concepts into comprehensible parts, greatly benefiting his students. His teaching style is both thorough and engaging, ensuring that students not only learn but also understand the nuances of corporate legal frameworks. His dedication is evident through his interactive lectures and the personal attention he gives to students, guiding them to master the intricacies of law in the corporate world. Amit's significant contribution to legal education has made him a respected and valued member of the faculty, shaping the minds of future corporate law professionals.


Business Laws And Ethics (CMA Inter) by CS Amit Mahto
Corporate & Economic Laws (CMA Final) by CS Amit Mahto

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