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Inspirational Merit List of November 2010 CA Final Exams!

With the extreme speculation about the results of CA Examination held in November 2010, ICAI announced a fair pass percentage of 10.79% in CA Final Course and 9.33% in CA Final (New Course). Comparing it with the results of May 2010, which went as low as 3.46% in CA Final Course and 6.56% in CA Final (New Course), November 2010 results looks quite satisfactory.

The argument still continues as to why CA pass percentage remains so low and the discussions at CAclubindia Forum gives us an insight of what might be the probable reasons.

There is something very inspiring about all the toppers of November 2010 CA Final Exams. Dimpy Jindal, CA Final (New Course) 1st rank holder was also a topper of PCC Exams held in Nov 2008 and 7th rank holder of CPT Exams held in Nov 2006.

Sujay K.N. and Nitin Gupta have bagged the 1st rank for themselves in CA Final Course, November 2010 after two and one unsuccessful attempts respectively.

We interviewed the toppers and tried to figure out what made them stand out in the CA Final Exams held in November 2010.

CA Final Course - 1st Rank Holder.
Nitin Gupta

From a business family though, Nitin displayed a very scientific approach towards studies, which actually grabbed my attention. What inspired him to take up the Chartered Accountancy Course are the analytical and technical skills you need to possess to lead a professional career of this esteem.

“I had no coaching at any point of time in my life even for Chartered Accountancy Course. I believe in using analytical skills while studying a subject to have a clearer and thorough understanding. Self-studies can really prove beneficial but undoubtedly its more time consuming. Like for example, if you are doing a chapter yourself it might take you 4-5 hours or even to understand the concept but the same can be done in 1-2 hours with coaching. But there’s nothing to beat your own struggle to understand things.”

“Also while going for Online Coaching or coaching of any form, its very important to have one to one interaction as your queries need to be resolved for better understanding. If you are doubtful about a point and could not clarify it there’s no way you’ll be able to understand your subject well.”

“Articleship is also an important aspect for completing the life cycle of a CA student. There’s a difference that one can find in a student who have done his practical training thoroughly. Practical training and Theoretical knowledge both has equal weightage in making a successful Chartered Accountant. The new course is much more scoring and objective and requires practical approach to score well. With this updated course the quality of this course will also see new heights.”

“A professional degree doesn’t ensure that you are intellectual nor does rank matters after a point of time in this profession what actually matters is your conceptual clarity and analytical skills.”

“This was my second attempt and I made it a point that I’ll make up for the mistakes I made in my first attempt. I went through the suggested answers published by the Institute very thoroughly.”

“The scope of a Chartered Accountants work does not only include accounting, auditing or financial management but envisages critical aspect like Tax management, Project Funding, Consultancy etc. hence it is very necessary for a Chartered Accountant to have wide knowledge about different businesses to get an edge over other professionals.”

“I suggest students to use their analytical skills and question themselves while studying their subjects. The publications by ICAI can be very beneficial as to understand the presentation and also the answering pattern in theoretical subjects.”

“I desire to pursue professional course in Finance and Actuarial Sciences for a year or so and then may be join the industry.”

“In 1930’s during the Great Depression of American Economy, the power of commerce was defined- It can destroy the world without a single weapon. I completely stand by this statement and believe in the power of commerce.”

We wish Nitin a bright and prosperous life as a Chartered Accountant as this is just the beginning of a professional career!!

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CA.Prasad Meleveetil
[Scorecard : 31]

26 February 2011

" My best wishes "


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24 February 2011



[Scorecard : 321]

23 February 2011

" "May the dreams of your past be the reality of your future" Congrats! "


nageswara rao narayana
[Scorecard : 31]

23 February 2011

" congrats..! my best wishes for your future "


Animesh k
[Scorecard : 220]

21 February 2011

" We all be hopeful for ur next big thing "


CA Pintu Mishra
[Scorecard : 514]

20 February 2011

" congrats friend................. "


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19 February 2011

" congratulations... "


nitika gupta
[Scorecard : 32]

18 February 2011

" lots f congrates... "


* Suchi *
[Scorecard : 246]

14 February 2011

" He is deserving... Congrates "


[Scorecard : 133]

10 February 2011

" आपकी तारीफ़ में दो शब्द लिखना है , सोचा बहुत सोचा कुरसी पैर बैठ के सोचा ? बीस्तर पर लेट के सोचा ? टेबल पर चढ़ के सोचा ? Computer पर ONLINE होते हुए भी सोचा ? कीताबो में घुस कर सोचा ? रात को वाल्क करते हुए सोचा ? बीना खाए सोचा ? खा कर भी सोचा ? पी कर भी सोचा ? नहा कर भी सोचा ? इतना सोचकर भी सोचा की इतना क्यूँ सोचा ???? कैसे सोचा ???? yaar simple दो शब्द ही तो लीखने hai लोग कहते है की दोस्ती इतनी न करो की सर पे सवार हो जाये . लेकिन हम कहते है की दोस्ती इतनी करो की दुश्मन को भी आप से प्यार हो एक अंधी लडकी थी । उसे उसके एक दोस्त के अलावा सबने ठुकरा दिया था । पर वो दोस्त उससे बहुत प्यार करता था । लडकी रोज़ उससे ये कहती कि अगर वो उसे देख पाती तो उसी से शादी करती । एक दिन किसी ने उस लडकी को अपने आंखे दे दीं । जब वो देख सकने लगी तो उसने देखा की उसका वह दोस्त अंधा था । दोस्त ने उससे पूछा की क्या अब वो उससे शादी करेगी ? लडकी ने साफ़ इनकार कर दिया । इस पर उसका दोस्त मुस्कुराया और चुप चाप उसे एक कागज़ देकर चला गया । उसपर लिखा था - "मेरी आखों का ख्याल रखना " "