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Inspirational Merit List of November 2010 CA Final Exams!

With the extreme speculation about the results of CA Examination held in November 2010, ICAI announced a fair pass percentage of 10.79% in CA Final Course and 9.33% in CA Final (New Course). Comparing it with the results of May 2010, which went as low as 3.46% in CA Final Course and 6.56% in CA Final (New Course), November 2010 results looks quite satisfactory.

The argument still continues as to why CA pass percentage remains so low and the discussions at CAclubindia Forum gives us an insight of what might be the probable reasons.

There is something very inspiring about all the toppers of November 2010 CA Final Exams. Dimpy Jindal, CA Final (New Course) 1st rank holder was also a topper of PCC Exams held in Nov 2008 and 7th rank holder of CPT Exams held in Nov 2006.

Sujay K.N. and Nitin Gupta have bagged the 1st rank for themselves in CA Final Course, November 2010 after two and one unsuccessful attempts respectively.

We interviewed the toppers and tried to figure out what made them stand out in the CA Final Exams held in November 2010.

CA Final (New Course) - 1st Rank Holder.
Dimpy Jindal- A CAclubindia member

imgNot moved by peer pressure, and the confusion a student undergoes as they are spoilt by choices in big cities like Delhi, Dimpy kept a clear vision while she was pursuing Chartered Accountancy Course.

"A great feeling to achieve the prestigious degree of Chartered Accountant and I know the fact that the journey has just begun. I completed my graduation from Hansraj College and thereafter dedicated myself completely to the practical training and preparation of CA Final examination. I strategized my whole day and made sure that each day was productively utilized. Coaching, Training and self- studies have to go hand in hand to ensure good results in CA examination and a lot of thinking had gone into achieving this balance.”

“Conceptual Clarity is the key to scoring well in the new course as it is more objective, updated and practice oriented. The new course is extremely challenging, specially audit, taxes and corporate law. Take for example, the chain of events that led to the amendment of a particular section needs to be understood and respective case laws should be known if one has to score well in these subjects. A thorough understanding is what is demanded in the new course."

“Coaching is an important aspect for CA exams but I do not think it’s the benchmark. Coaching should be taken as guidance and not a substitute for self-studies and analytical understanding.”

“I took my practical training very very seriously. It not only helps you to figure out your interest but also gives you clarity of subject matter. I could answer few questions more appropriately in Auditing, Corporate Law and Taxation just because I could inter relate them and connect the sections together. This would not have been possible without a thorough practical understanding.”

“Talking about ICAI providing coaching to students, in case the whole concept is organized properly, it can prove extremely beneficial to students. They’ll get the same level of instruction, more economically. Also the concept of Online Coaching would go down well with the students from smaller towns or those who are unable to enroll themselves for the coaching classes.”

“On asking her about her preparation strategy, she replied that one should study in the manner one is comfortable with and not follow others blindly as the pattern of studying is very subjective and a matter of personal choice. Everyone has their own weaknesses and strengths, so give more time and practice to your weak points and polish your strengths to score maximum. Strategize your preparation time, be very regular with your studies, set targets and meet deadlines. In case you could not meet your deadline, revise your plan for the day but do not procrastinate.”

“Also ICAI publications like Practice Manual, Suggested Answers and Study Material should be gone through thoroughly while preparing as well as revising the subjects. Presentation is an important aspect and this is what scores you the extra point in such exams. Underlining the important words, important lines in your answers scripts, using pointers, and where necessary use small paras with proper spacing gives you the bonus points.”

“I want to be associated with hard core Finance Industry. So for the time being I would like to work and understand my area of specialization. Further studies are also something I have in mind but firstly I would like to taste the Corporate Industry. Here the brand I'm working with is of prime concern too as I would like to work with those who have the market's favoritism."

Perseverance, Patience and Preparation are the three main requisite to attain such excellence. Dimpy seems to have mastered this art and the understanding of it can be well traced in her wise words to the community.

We wish Dimpy a very bright and prosperous professional life ahead!!

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