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Bhagirath Singh Rathore
1st Rank Holder, PCC Exam

Introvert by nature but favorite among his circle of friends is Mr Bhagirath Singh Rathore who is all India Topper of PCC exams. Born and brought up in the city of palaces, forts and temples, he has done his schooling from Delhi Public School Jodhpur. Currently stays in Bangalore for past 4 years and balancing his work and study pretty well. His friends are his family in the city and he enjoys his time by hanging out with them. He did his B.com from Christ University, Bangalore and currently pursuing MA in Economics. He is doing his article ship under Dhariwal and Srinivas. He has a positive outlook and he is a firm believer of Luck. He suggests that self confidence can do wonders, we would be surprised to see what all we can do if we are confident, which is more than what we think we are capable of doing. His source of inspiration is his father who has taught him the value of hard work and dedication.

Bhagirath wants to be a successful stock market analyst and portfolio manager. He is an admirer of music and loves to watch movies with his friends. He is a sportsman too and his favorite sport is football.

What was the first thing that you did after seeing your scores?

First thing, I called my parents, my sister, my relatives, all the colleagues in office and all my friends.

That’s great and how important is this for you.

Very important actually. If I wouldn’t have passed this time I would have quit CA.

Oh! Ok. You haven’t passed but you have scored the best I would say, the highest score that you have got.

This is actually my first attempt.

Oh wow! thats nice.

Because I missed 3 attempts and this is my first attempt.

Ok. Thats great Bhagirath. So, who guided you the most?

All the teachers of CAPS Bangalore. They were the main reason behind my success. Special thanks to Chandrashekhar Shetty Sir, Hanish Sir and Asha Ma'am.

Ok. So what subject teacher he was?

Shetty sir taught Costing & FM, Accountancy and Taxation, Hanish sir also taught Costing and Accountancy & Asha Ma'am taught Auditing & Law.

Ok. So how did you prepare yourself for the exam?

Its just I read regularly that’s it and I attend my classes regularly and during exam time I got leave from office, after that for 20 days I did proper study- 8 to 10 hours a day.

8 to 10 hours a day? Oh! that’s nice!! And what were the challenges that you faced ?

Ya. I don’t stay with my parents actually. I stay in Bangalore. Actually when your parents are not there then you have to manage everything yourself and its little difficult. I am a very introvert person so I don’t have many friends that makes it more difficult. When you have a group, it becomes little easy.

Ya, You are right. So, even you like studying alone or you would prefer studying in a group?

Actually I want to study in a group but it never been possible for me. Usually I study alone.

Ok. When was the moment that you decided to pursue this?

I did my registration after my 10th class. So, very early at 2006 only, I registered for CA.

So, who told you about this course and told to go for it.

Actually my father told me about this.

Ok. That’s nice!!! What is the most important thing that one should keep in mind while preparing for the exams?

Proper planning, one should have a very positive attitude and whatever your teacher teaches just follow that.

Ok. Thats nice and what was your schedule when you were preparing for the exams. You were working also?

I am working actually and I got around 22 days leave before exams and I prepared the time table, though it is difficult to follow it regularly but if suppose we miss one day study, we have to cover on the other day. So somehow I managed because I have 2 groups. I am good in practical subjects and not that good in theory. So, I knew if I get good marks in practical subjects then it would cover up my theory subjects also. I was able to get good marks in practical and that helped me in getting the rank.

Ok great and what are your hobbies?

I like to hang out with my friends. I don’t have many friends though, but I have a group so I hang out with them. I am actually doing MA Economics as well.

Ok great!

Ya. I like to read about stock market, Maths puzzles, Maths quizzes and all.

Ok that’s interesting. So do you have any message for aspiring CA?

Just have confidence in yourself; be positive, if you are really hard working then anyone can become a CA. It’s just like you have to put your 100% hard work. If you can do that then you would be able to achieve it.

It was great talking to you Bhagirath and we wish you all the best

Thank you!!!

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Sucheta Jain
[Scorecard : 25 ]

12 March 2012

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07 March 2012

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28 February 2012

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28 February 2012

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Thomas A. Mullick
[Scorecard : 37 ]

25 February 2012

" the interviewing lady is really a rookie at it. OK, OH, Thats nice. She keeps on repeating it. Its so irritating reading her question. Anyways, many many congrats bhagirath. "


[Scorecard : 41 ]

21 February 2012

" loved ur attitude bro"


[Scorecard : 70 ]

21 February 2012

" Congratulations..."


Tapan Kumar Ojha
[Scorecard : 22 ]

15 February 2012

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Mohan Kumar
[Scorecard : 14 ]

14 February 2012

" Great and realy nice to read this, Hope this will help all the students too"