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Astha Mongia
2nd Rank Holder, IPCC Exam
Member of CAclubindia

Originally belongs to a small town Raipur Rani in Haryana this bubbly girl has acquired a 2nd Rank in All India IPCC exam. Brought up in a family who follows a philosophy of “Simple living and high thinking”, Ms Astha Mongia believes that once we decide on something there shouldn’t be any reason to look back. Seeing the sacrifice of her parents of parting from their city and shifting to Punchkula for the sake of her sister’s career, she understood the value of education. She saw her parents’ dedication towards building her and her sisters career and sending her to Delhi for her studies was again a major decision. She resolved to make all this worth. Now she is proud to see her parents proud and a bright smile on their faces. She is a fan of thriller programs and CID is her favorite among many others she watches regularly. She loves soft music and it soothes her mind.

She gives all the credit of her success to the book “The Secret”. Reading this book gave a new direction to her life and she focused on her priorities and excelled in everything she did. She wants to spread this word to others that no matter what happens but if we are focused and constantly working for our dreams then those dreams would be the reality very soon.

How are you feeling right now?

Right now I am feeling like a big celebrity, I am getting calls from all over India and there are so many guests at my home so it feels like a celebrity truly.

So you have been celebrating?


That’s nice and what was the first thing that you did after seeing your scores?

I actually cried.

Weren’t you expecting this score?

I was expecting that I would get through IPCC but I wasn’t expecting a rank, really. And around 4 pm I got to know that result is announced but I was not getting connected to the server so those 10-15 minutes were the moments of extreme tension. I was holding back my tears and my sister saw my result and she just shouted “OK All India second rank” and then I cried like all my tears went on.

That was an emotional moment for you?

Ya that was very intense moment for me.

That’s great and how important is this for you?

It’s very important, people see it like, ok you have got a very good rank, you would get through an articleship in a very good company wherever you like, I know its very important and rank holder have their own value.

Yes and then expectations from others?

Ya expectations from my parents, I am happy that the investment they have been putting in my studies was worth.

Who guided you the most?

There wasn’t a one person particularly; many people were there, people from my family, my teachers and friends.

What was your timetable?

Actually I had an inclination towards the practical subjects. I wasn’t very keen in the theory subject so in the morning time when my mind used to be fresh, I focused on theory subjects because they require much of an effort. Practical subjects do not require it much. So around evening when I used to be tired then I would start practical subject.


Astha   Astha  
What were the challenges that you faced?

There were many challenges like balancing out everything. Every now and then some or the other problem used to crop up. Like family problems that you have to go there, you have to do this and side by side you have to maintain your studies so there were many challenges but every student comes across such problems. But I set my priorities that I have to study and near my exam time I stopped going to the functions and people used to say that she is always busy in studies but I did not bother.

Ok so you were concentrating more on your studies, how would you summarize your journey?

I dedicate this whole contribution to one single book that I read; it is called “The secret”. I read that book in February 2010 and since then my life has been like awesome. Whatever I have been doing I have been excelling at those things so I totally dedicate this achievement to that book.

When you took this decision of becoming a CA?

When I was doing my graduation, it had the subjects similar to those we study in CA taxation, accounting, law and all other subjects so I started getting interested in those subjects and then I decided why not to do a CA.

Are you a member of CAclubindia?


Did CAclubindia help you?

Definitely! From the preparation to the result it has helped me. Whenever I used to have some doubt I just used to type the keyword and I would go through all those discussions and it has definitely helped me a lot.

What are your hobbies?

I like to read & write and watch Television with many other things. I am very much keen on writing things like poems and stories.

So you are a writer too, what else do you like to write?

I used to write some poems in my past and recently I started a novel. I am not done with it yet, just through with 2-3 chapters. Whenever I get free time I would first think upon it in my mind that ok how I would write and then I would pen it down.

Any message for aspiring CA’s?

I just have some words from The Secret book, it says: “Thoughts become things”. Think positive, be passionate about whatever you do and you would definitely succeed.

Thankyou from CAclubindia team!!!

I am honored!

Wish you all the best!
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[Scorecard : 20 ]

09 March 2012

" That book is really good one,even read "The Power" from the same author,its simply super."


Pravin Prajapat
[Scorecard : 136 ]

07 March 2012

" Congrats........ "

[Scorecard : 20 ]

07 March 2012

" congratssssssssss...."


[Scorecard : 21 ]

02 March 2012

" congrts........ "

Astha Mongia
[Scorecard : 245 ]

02 March 2012

" thanks a lot everyone.. hi archana the author of that book is Rhonda Byrne..continue reading even if the book bores you initially..it'll help once you get the whole thing and implement it..good luck and happy reading..:) "


[Scorecard : 37 ]

25 February 2012

" congratulations to all ..."


Santhipriya .S.B
[Scorecard : 25 ]

20 February 2012



archana bakshi
[Scorecard : 227 ]

18 February 2012

" hearty congratulations... just read ur interview...can u please tell me the author of 'the secret' the buk whch helpd u crackin ur exam"


CA Vanamala Phani Kumar
[Scorecard : 972 ]

16 February 2012

" Congratulations Madam....!!!!!!!! I will purchase that in this month Thanks for ur advice....!!!"

[Scorecard : 23 ]

16 February 2012

" gud yaaaar....... "