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The AAR, Uttarakhand, in the case of M/s. Uttarakhand Public Financial Strengthening Project [Ruling No. 15/2022-23 dated March 27, 2023], ruled that the service provider has to charge GST on the whole amount of the bill including i.e. monthly rental

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The AAAR, Uttar Pradesh in the case of M/s the Indian Hume Pipes Company Ltd. (Appeal Order No. 05/AAAR dated March 10, 2023) has held that, the assessee providing works contract services to Uttar Pradesh Jal Nigam (“UP Jal Nigam”), a government auth

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The Hon'ble Delhi High Court in M/s McDonalds India Pvt Ltd. v. Additional Commissioner, CGST Appeals – II, Delhi & Anr. [W.P.C No. 11430 of 2022 dated May 18, 2023] has set aside the order denying refund oftax paid on inputs, on the ground that, the

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The Hon'ble Karnataka High Court in the case of Sri Annadurai Muniswamy v. the Additional Commissioner Office of the Commissioner of Central tax [W.P. No. 3966 of 2023 dated April 6, 2023] ordered assessee to file an application for revocation of can

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The Hon'ble Madras High Court in the case of Nitesh Jain Mangal Chand v. The Senior Intelligence Officer [W.P.No.18776 of 2022 dated April 3, 2023] held that, delay in issuing the Show Cause Notice ("SCN") cannot justify the continuation of the attac

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The AAR, Telangana, in the matter of M/s. Comsat System Private Limited [Advance Ruling No. 51/2022 dated October 20, 2022] rejected the application for advance ruling of the assessee by holding that, the ruling passed by the AAR, Telangana is only a

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The Hon'ble Orissa High Court in Prafulla Kumar Sahoo v. Commissioner of CT & GST Odisha, Banijyakar Bhavan & Ors. [W.P.(C) No. 15842 of 2023 & I.A. No. 7254 of 2023 dated May 17, 2023] had stayed the demand of penalty and interest raised by the Reve

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The Hon'ble Gujarat High Court in M/s. Radhe Packaging v. Union of India [R/s Special Civil Application No. 5673 of 2023, dated April 5, 2023] has directed the assessee to approach the Revenue Department to avail the benefit of the Notification No 03

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The Hon'ble Orissa High Court inthe case of Twisha Educational Private Limited v. Addl. CT & GST Officer [W.P (C) No.11358 of 2023 dated May 01, 2023] directed the assessee to file an appeal before the appropriate authority under Section 107 of the C

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The AAR, Karnataka, in the matter of M/s. White Gold Bullion Pvt. Ltd.[Advance Ruling no. KAR ADRG 20/2023 dated May 15, 2023] ruled that purchasing second hand gold in the form of jewellery / parts of jewellery, from unregistered individuals and sel

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