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Maharashtra VAT Interest Calculator

Calculates VAT interest according to New provisions ...

Posted on 15 September 2016  (Downloads: 6016) VAT

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Form WW


Posted on 15 September 2016  (Downloads: 315) VAT

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Registration as dealer under MVAT in Maharashtra

Registration as dealer under MVAT in Maharashtra...

Posted on 09 September 2016  (Downloads: 212) VAT

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Registration under luxury tax act in Maharashtra

Registration under luxury tax act in Maharashtra...

Posted on 09 September 2016  (Downloads: 46) VAT

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PT Calculator for Amnesty Scheme

Profession Tax and Interest Payable under Amnesty Scheme 2016...

Posted on 16 August 2016  (Downloads: 404) VAT

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VAT Interest Calculation Gujarat

VAT Interest Calculation on Delayed payment GUJARAT ONLY ...

Posted on 12 August 2016  (Downloads: 620) VAT

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File contain detail analysis of DVAT Amendments effective from 26, july 2016...

Posted on 01 August 2016  (Downloads: 399) VAT

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UP Vat form 24 excel

form 24...

Posted on 25 July 2016  (Downloads: 885) VAT

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New MVAT Return Annexure Preparation

new MVAT RETURN ANNEXURE PREPARATION - applicable from April 2016 onwards ...

Posted on 22 July 2016  (Downloads: 659) VAT

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Registration under Model Goods and Service Tax Law

Summary of main provisions relating to Registration under the Model Goods and Service Tax Law Draft published....

Posted on 06 July 2016  (Downloads: 346) VAT

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New Mvat Cst e Return Preparation Utility (Maharashtra VAT)

Now Prepare New Sales Annexure/Purchase Annexure easily from your data base. please watch video on you tube. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tqoPcyi9sF8 Generate New MVAT e Template directly from this utility. Download Demo version (link given in Rea...

Posted on 28 June 2016  (Downloads: 485) VAT

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General VAT Assessment


Posted on 13 June 2016  (Downloads: 1782) VAT

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New Procedure in MVAT

New Procedure in MVAT...

Posted on 11 June 2016  (Downloads: 689) VAT

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MVAT Annexure_2016

A Simple TDL Solution to run with Tally.ERP 9 which generate New MVAT Sales and Purchase Annexures in Minutes. Very Simple to Use....

Posted on 30 May 2016  (Downloads: 650) VAT

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New e MVATCST Return preparation Utility w.e.f. 01.04.2016

This is New E REturn preparation Utility in Excel Applicable in Maharashtra W.e.f. 01.04.2016. Mainfeatures of This Utility are. Auto Import Your Sales/Purchase/Sales Return/Purchase Return and Debit/Credit Note Register data (Excel & ACII Format) No ...

Posted on 19 May 2016  (Downloads: 791) VAT

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New - MVAT CST Return Preparation Utility in Excel

please follow given below link to download software https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B-rITlbXVt1XSHVEVlBsM29HVlU ...

Posted on 18 May 2016  (Downloads: 445) VAT

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TNVat returns user manual

tnvat returns user manual...

Posted on 18 May 2016  (Downloads: 719) VAT

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TN commodity code list

tn commodity code list...

Posted on 18 May 2016  (Downloads: 267) VAT

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MVAT CST Return Preparation Utility - Sales & Purchase Annex

Now Prepare New MVAT Sales & Purchase Annexure Easily. No need to modify your data, just export your Sales/Sales Return/ Credit Note Register and Purchase/Purchase Return/Debite Note Register into Excel or ASCII (Text) format. This utility directly import...

Posted on 17 May 2016  (Downloads: 448) VAT

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MVAT Return filing NEW Procedure

The Department of Sales Tax, Maharashtra State has introduced new procedure for filing of Returns from April, 2016 onwards. A detailed writeup on the new procedure is prepared and is also available on our website http://www.meraconsultant.com As the pr...

Posted on 10 May 2016  (Downloads: 891) VAT