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Know about CERSAI

CERSAI was established by the Ministry of Finance, GOI in Mar’2011 under SARFAESI Act to provide a centralized digital platform for lenders to file details of properties encumbered to them against loans provided to borrowers. The information helps lende...

Posted on 09 January 2021  (Downloads: 116) LAW

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Overview and Intricacies under RERA : Role of CA

Overview and Intricacies under RERA: Role of CA ...

Posted on 29 December 2020  (Downloads: 114) LAW

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SEBI Bulletin - November 2020

SEBI Bulletin - November 2020...

Posted on 09 December 2020  (Downloads: 66) LAW

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Preferential Allotment Route in Listed Entities

Presentation covers the most prevalent way of raising fund i.e. through preferential allotment of securities under the SEBI (ICDR) Regulations, 2018. Thanks and Regards, Priyanka Shah ...

Posted on 17 November 2020  (Downloads: 42) LAW

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Relaxation from Regulatory Compliance

Ministry of Corporate Affairs, SEBI for bringing relaxations during the tough time of COVID-19 pandemic. Array of measures that have been taken are compiled in this publication. This will facilitate quick and unified reference to all the measures to pro...

Posted on 02 September 2020  (Downloads: 85) LAW

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Insights into Consumer Protection Act, 2019

Introduction of salient features of the new law on consumer protection with the Consumer Protection Act, 2019, the allied laws and regulations....

Posted on 07 August 2020  (Downloads: 89) LAW

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Amendments to SARFAESI Act, 2002 : Every Banker Working in Credit Must Know


Posted on 31 July 2020  (Downloads: 184) LAW

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LLP Draft Agreement

Draft LLP Agreement of reference...

Posted on 19 June 2020  (Downloads: 535) LAW

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Rejection of Plaint(Order VII Rule11 of CPC, 1908

Rejection of Plaint(Order VII Rule11 of CPC, 1908 Read more at: https://www.caclubindia.com/share_files/files_upload_form.asp...

Posted on 06 June 2020  (Downloads: 61) LAW

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Definitions - Resident & Non-resident

Definition of Residential Status-FEMA and its interpretation...

Posted on 30 May 2020  (Downloads: 106) LAW

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Major Indian Stamp Act Amendments

The amendments were proposed in the Finance Bill, 2019. Earlier the amendments were scheduled to come into force from 1st April 2020 but now the revised date is 1st July 2020....

Posted on 11 April 2020  (Downloads: 135) LAW

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RBI Moratorium on EMI FAQ


Posted on 03 April 2020  (Downloads: 144) LAW

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COVID- 19: Punishment for not following government orders

During the coronavirus outbreak, penal provisions, such as Sections 188, 269, 270 and 271 of the IPC, are being invoked to enforce the lockdown orders in various states....

Posted on 03 April 2020  (Downloads: 67) LAW

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COVID-19: Measures under Disaster Management Act, 2005

In exercise of the powers, conferred under Section 10(2)(1) of the Disaster Management Act, the Home Secretary, in his capacity as Chairperson, National Executive Committee, has issued an Order....

Posted on 03 April 2020  (Downloads: 25) LAW

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Awareness about making a "Will"

FAQ on WILL...

Posted on 30 March 2020  (Downloads: 156) LAW

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UOI Vs Tax Bar Association- SC Order

UOI Vs Tax Bar Association- SC Order...

Posted on 12 February 2020  (Downloads: 115) LAW

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Legal Precedents' Series_Issue 16 (Writs, AAR)

NITYA's Insight _ Legal Precedents' Series_Issue 16 (Writs Appeals and Advacne Rulings)...

Posted on 05 February 2020  (Downloads: 54) LAW

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Writs NAA AAR for the month November 2019

NITYA's Insight _ Legal Precedents' Series_Issue 15 (Writs NAA AAR)...

Posted on 31 December 2019  (Downloads: 56) LAW

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The Citizenship (Amendment) Bill, 2019


Posted on 18 December 2019  (Downloads: 264) LAW

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