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Income Tax PF S-PF RPF URPF tabular chart handwritten

CA Inter Income Tax - Income Tax PF S-PF RPF URPF tabular chart handwritten for easy understanding, wel organized HINGLISH Chart by CA Anand V Kabra...

Posted on 22 October 2021  (Downloads: 495) Students

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CA Foundation ECO - Hand written HINGLISH CHART By CA Anand

This file has comparative charts of MU vs MP vs MR vs Ave Costs Curves for CA & CS Foundation ECO - Hand written HINGLISH CHART By CA Anand...

Posted on 22 October 2021  (Downloads: 169) Students

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AS 19 Leases - Short Notes

Comparison Operating Lease v/s Finance Lease Finance Lease - Lessor View Point Finance Lease - Lessee View Point Sale and Lease Back Arrangements 2 Practical Examples #FEATURES ➡️ Optimized for mobile screens ➡️ For Revision ➡️ Summa...

Posted on 09 April 2020  (Downloads: 321) Students

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AS-20 EPS (Short Notes)

Handwritten short notes on EPS FOR QUICK REVISION & one solved Example of Diluted EPS From RTP MAY2017, Que. No. 6/page 65. Best Regards...

Posted on 24 May 2019  (Downloads: 569) Students

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AS-22 (CA Final Old) - 1 page Decision Making Diagram

Handwritten notes on CA Final AS 22 Accounting For Taxes. Notes are useful for 1st reading & useful as ready reconner while solving questions. Do not forget to Hit like button!...

Posted on 21 May 2019  (Downloads: 406) Students

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CARO,2016 4*4 Matrix Short Notes


Posted on 20 May 2019  (Downloads: 904) Students

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SARFAESI, 2002 (Limited Purpose of Exams)

Handwritten Flow chart based Short Notes only for reference purposes....

Posted on 29 March 2019  (Downloads: 515) Students

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Portfolio Management Handwritten Notes

Portfolio Management Handwritten Notes for Reference & Revision. Tried to make it simple, so as to give you a overview of the chapter, concepts. Do not forget to share, like & comment. Best Regards! ...

Posted on 14 March 2019  (Downloads: 899) Students

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SFM (OLD) - chapter wise arrangement

Ideal sequence that should be followed while starting / revising SFM & making the best of your efforts. Presented using CPM / PERT diagram....

Posted on 31 January 2019  (Downloads: 1025) Students

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Handwritten notes, Timeline based , some concepts, some exams tips for 8 mark practical question. REFRENCE material for revision....

Posted on 22 October 2018  (Downloads: 545) Students

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AS28 Refrence & Revision note

Handsritten notes on AS 28, covered one one page using timeline & tree charts, very useful for first time REFRENCE & multiple revision....

Posted on 13 September 2018  (Downloads: 486) Students

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Alternative ways to collect your Payments

An informative writeup #Go_Cashless #Paytm #FreeCharge #Alternative ways to collect sales receipt; #Comparative Analysis of Payment Gateways;...

Posted on 22 November 2016  (Downloads: 272) Others

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Charitable Trusts: Reference & Revision Notes, Nov., 2016

#Understand Flow & Linkage of sections & Provisions #2 pages #15-20 Minutes 1st Reading #Reference & 10 minutes Revision Notes #Get_Back_To_Study! #Happy_Reading! :)...

Posted on 12 October 2016  (Downloads: 626) Students

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Direct Taxes : PGBP Reference & Revision Notes, Nov., 2016

Summary notes for PGBP (Handwriten / Color Coded): Easily understand the of linkage of sections, there application. use it for fast track revision, & cover a Big piece of syllabus in few minutes only, on the go whenever you want to revise! also check ...

Posted on 29 September 2016  (Downloads: 2278) Students

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DT TDS AP & Misc Revision Notes

Cover the a big piece of syllabus within few minutes with help of this note & revise it before exams! Notes are developed using color codes, charts, tables, etc. very useful for understanding the provisions & recalling, revise with few minutes only!...

Posted on 01 September 2016  (Downloads: 1848) Students

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ISCA Ch. 8 Emerging Technologies

Know chapter boundary - reference before full text reading & then use for Quick Revisions; key words to be taken care while writing answers. Do share your feed back & Wishing you Happy Reading! :)...

Posted on 19 August 2016  (Downloads: 1134) Students

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Linear Programming - Simplex Method

CA FINAL Paper 5 AMA - Linear Programming Simplex Method, presented step wise with the help of illustration & relevant theory points are covered. Flow charts & Crux for Conceptual understanding & for solving numerical sums are presented herein. Secure yo...

Posted on 09 August 2016  (Downloads: 1250) Students

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IDT Summary Notes : Excise Basics

Using Flowcharts, Tables,mind maps A comprehensive overview has been given to IDT from Exam view point. Very useful for deciding the boundary & thereafter revising the subject in few minutes. Few Basic Topics have been covered here under. ...

Posted on 03 August 2016  (Downloads: 2233) Students

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Assessment Procedures, Income Tax Act, 1961

Revised version with small corrections: Assessment Procedure, overview has been given with the help of Flowcharts, gives you a brief idea of the Procedures. Very helpful in studies as well as at your office. ...

Posted on 22 July 2016  (Downloads: 2065) Income Tax

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CA Finals_DT Assessment Procedure

A linkage & flow has been developed using flowchart method so as to make Assessment procedures understandable to a extend....

Posted on 25 September 2014  (Downloads: 3455) Students