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20 Things Recruiters Do Not Want To See On Resume

The very first thing that counts for a well paid job is a Resume. Here are some important points to refer....

Posted on 07 March 2015  (Downloads: 5107) Career

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Tricky HR Questions

Very useful HR Questions to make you aware....

Posted on 03 March 2015  (Downloads: 2056) Others

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Print on both sides of paper Tally ERP 9

Save Paper Print on Both Sides Tally ERP 9...

Posted on 02 March 2015  (Downloads: 1552) Info Technology

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Budget 2015 Key Points

Highlights of Budget 2015....

Posted on 02 March 2015  (Downloads: 592) Income Tax

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Key points budget 2015 Vol 2

Detailed info about Budget 2015-16. Its recommended first refer my previous upload for more clarity and understandings....

Posted on 28 February 2015  (Downloads: 456) Others

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Highlights to budget 2015....

Posted on 28 February 2015  (Downloads: 2529) Others

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Upload ITR, Facing Trouble.. Here's Solution

Digital Signature Token Problem Solved....

Posted on 31 March 2014  (Downloads: 274) Income Tax

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Uploading IT Return - Facing Trouble - Solved

Trouble of Application Blocked By Security Setting Solved - 5 Steps. Digital Signature Problem Solved....

Posted on 29 March 2014  (Downloads: 559) Income Tax

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Confused about Excel Formulas... Here's Way Out

Fantastic Formula Explanation And Clarification… Excellent Audit Tool ;)...

Posted on 07 August 2013  (Downloads: 4523) Info Technology

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CA Journal August 2013

Chartered Accountant Journal August 2013 Edition...

Posted on 05 August 2013  (Downloads: 883) Corporate Law

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How to Access Tally ERP 9 Remotely


Posted on 31 July 2013  (Downloads: 1577) Info Technology

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Unprotected Excel Sheet Without Password

If you forgot the password or you want to unprotect the excel workbook, here is the code ;)...

Posted on 30 July 2013  (Downloads: 5778) Info Technology

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Important Notification for IPCC NOV-13 (Service Tax)

Change in the Syllabus of Service Tax... Must Save :)...

Posted on 21 May 2013  (Downloads: 770) Students

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What To Study in IPCC?

Important and Main Topics of IPCC which should not be missed at all.. Must Read :)...

Posted on 21 May 2013  (Downloads: 825) Students

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Quick Insight 2012 By ICAI First Edition

All About Taxes, Rates, Slab etc etc......

Posted on 14 August 2012  (Downloads: 966) Income Tax

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Accounting Terms Must to Know

Very useful A/cing Terms, Enhance Your Knowledge......

Posted on 11 August 2012  (Downloads: 2573) Students

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CA Student Journal August 2012

Must View the National Convention's Page... ...

Posted on 10 August 2012  (Downloads: 1228) Students

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Increase your Eyesight...

Regular eye exercise can leads to good eye sight... Have a look......

Posted on 10 August 2012  (Downloads: 2643) Others

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Can neutralize my Accent ?

Enhance your English, More efforts u put more u can neutralize......

Posted on 10 August 2012  (Downloads: 615) Students

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A.Y 2012-13 Tax Calculation


Posted on 09 August 2012  (Downloads: 915) Income Tax