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Income Vs Revenue Vs Profit

Defines the term income, revenue, profit,gain and return...

Posted on 04 July 2013  (Downloads: 1365) Accounts

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IDT case laws summary for CA final November'2013

includes some important case laws from central excise and custom laws...

Posted on 02 July 2013  (Downloads: 3027) Exams

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Direct Tax Case Law for November 2013 Exams, CA Final

Contains the summary of case laws for direct tax issued by icai which is applicable for November 2013, CA final Exams...

Posted on 29 June 2013  (Downloads: 3508) Exams

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Direct Tax Important case law for Nov 12 CA final Exam

contains most important case laws for direct tax, ca final nov 12 exam...

Posted on 10 August 2012  (Downloads: 1371) Students

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Direct Tax Case Laws for Nov-2012 CA Final

Includes some case laws from basic concepts, cap gain and PGBP only........

Posted on 09 August 2012  (Downloads: 1525) Students

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Quick review to Central Excise Rules 2002

Central excise rules 2002 summary relevant for the students of CA Final......

Posted on 09 May 2012  (Downloads: 2191) Excise

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Quick revision to custom law for CA Final

Summary of major sections of custom Act,1962 relevant for ca final...

Posted on 01 May 2012  (Downloads: 2506) Students

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Quick note to Revised Schedule VI

Schedule VI revised...

Posted on 04 April 2012  (Downloads: 993) Accounts

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FVIF Table

future value table made on ms office 2007...

Posted on 16 August 2011  (Downloads: 457) Accounts

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Bond valuation simplified

valuation of bonds...

Posted on 01 August 2011  (Downloads: 843) Students