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Download Files uploaded by CA Kamlesh Kukreja

zip File
12 KB

GST Interest Calculation

Interest Calculation on GST Late Payment...

Posted on 19 March 2020  (Downloads: 206) GST

xlsx File
9 KB

Different Between Currency Format & Accounting Format

Diff Between Currency Format & Accounting Format...

Posted on 05 December 2013  (Downloads: 437) Others

xlsx File
17 KB

MATCH function in excel at advance level

This file contains match function in excel in detail...

Posted on 09 October 2013  (Downloads: 2886) Info Technology

zip File
560 KB

Import Masters From Excel To Tally

This Utility can be used to import the masters data from excel to tally upto 15000 at a time. it covers details like Name, Group, Address, PIN Code, State, Opening Bal, Wether required bill wise(yes/no), details of O/s Bills...

Posted on 03 October 2013  (Downloads: 1817) Info Technology

xlsx File
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Date Function in excel in Detail

This File covers the date function in details i.e under which situations you will get wrong result...

Posted on 30 September 2013  (Downloads: 2014) Info Technology

pps File
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Risk From Information Technology

it covers macros & key loggers only...

Posted on 23 November 2012  (Downloads: 409) Info Technology