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Project Report for Developers

The file will calculate the maximum cash deficit for finance including the Analysis of Sales and cost of construction,Cash Flow, P&L and B/s for the period of construction. For other details contact... ...

Posted on 30 August 2014  (Downloads: 3244) Others

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Income Tax Slab for last 25 years

Income Tax Slab for the last 25 years for Individuals, HUF, AOP and BOI...

Posted on 08 July 2014  (Downloads: 1097) Income Tax

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P.Tax for Employees - Work Sheet

Computation of profession tax for employees and interest...

Posted on 02 May 2014  (Downloads: 758) Others

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Interest on Cash Credit

file to check Interest on cash credit loan specially during revenue audit...

Posted on 10 March 2014  (Downloads: 1280) Audit

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Tax Computation with Interest 234ABC

Tax computation, advance tax payments, and Interest under section 234A,B and C...

Posted on 18 February 2014  (Downloads: 1348) Income Tax

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Tax & Interest u/s 234 for 2013-14 for Ind,Firm or Co

Compute the advance tax payable, interest u/s 234 A/B/C and Tax computation formats for individual, firms or company with some minimum inputs. There is scope for updates and changes. Unprotected cells in excel to make changes for self improvement. (Ver 1....

Posted on 31 October 2013  (Downloads: 1013) Income Tax

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Tax Computation with Interest U/s 234 A/B/C

Tax computation for individual, firm or company with Tax and Interest payable with scope for self updating and improvement...

Posted on 22 October 2013  (Downloads: 1009) Income Tax

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WB VAT Audit Form 88

The VAT audit report in Form 88 for the state of West Bengal had been changed from this year (w.e.f.26-06-2012)along with the notification...

Posted on 11 September 2012  (Downloads: 988) VAT

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Project Report for engineering / educational institute

To prepare the financial viability / project report for an engineering college or educational institute. Changes can be made and in case of any problem feel free to mail the worksheet to debaasl@gmail.com for help ...

Posted on 20 December 2010  (Downloads: 3458) Others

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CA Certificate for Project Report

When called for by the bank for certification of projections one can use the format...

Posted on 20 December 2010  (Downloads: 6554) Others

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Project Report for developers

The preparation of Project Report including analysis of Sales, construction cost, cash flow and maximum permissible bank finance can be computed form this file...

Posted on 03 November 2010  (Downloads: 8864) Others

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CAAT for ITTP Students - Part II

In continuation of my previous presentation .. slides on SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT...

Posted on 12 January 2010  (Downloads: 220) Info Technology

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CAAT for ITTP Students - Part III

In continuation of my previous two files - Part II Audit techniques - Part III - System Development...

Posted on 12 January 2010  (Downloads: 175) Info Technology

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100 Topics for ITTP projects

These are a few ITTP projects that will help the students learn and also teach the process of looking for the right material...

Posted on 12 January 2010  (Downloads: 545) Info Technology

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CAAT for ITTP students

The slides had been comliled from the material available in the study material of the Institute. It is comiled for the benefit of all students undergoing the training. It is also my experience of taking classes at Asansol Branch of EIRC of ICAI ...

Posted on 09 January 2010  (Downloads: 196) Info Technology

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NCWA VIII - The agreement

NCWA VIII for all doing wage audit for any coal subsidy. It will help in understanding the work required to be done....

Posted on 09 January 2010  (Downloads: 212) Audit

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Topics on ITTP

some topics on ITTP ...

Posted on 08 January 2010  (Downloads: 207) Info Technology

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WB VAT Audit Format

West Bengal VAT Audit Form 88 - make necessary changes and the form duly filed will be available...

Posted on 09 November 2009  (Downloads: 965) VAT

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Project report presentation

Prepentation of the prepare a project report...

Posted on 18 September 2009  (Downloads: 2182) Accounts

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Form 88 Format

VAT Audit Form 88 under West Bengal VAT : ready form just fill in the data are you have the full set....

Posted on 25 November 2008  (Downloads: 1686) VAT