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Income Tax Calculator AY 2016-17

This Income Tax Calculator mainly covers Salary Income, Income from House Property and Income under the head Other Sources and also Deductions thereon under Chapter VI-A and also including effect of Agricultural Income, Surcharge and Interest u/s 234A wi...

Posted on 04 March 2016  (Downloads: 2147) Income Tax

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New Version of Income Tax Calculator for AY 2016-17

Income from : Salary, House Property, PGBP(44AD) & Other Sources. Deductions under chapter VI (Including 80CCD) And also effect of Agricultural Income, Rebate u/s 87A and Surcharge...

Posted on 22 February 2016  (Downloads: 1621) Income Tax

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Income Tax Estimation for AY 2016-17

Excel Software...

Posted on 19 February 2016  (Downloads: 1226) Income Tax