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MCA XBRL - Do You Know Series

Concept 1 & 2 of MCA XBRL - related to execptions in Taxonomy...

Posted on 19 July 2013  (Downloads: 494) Info Technology

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Revised Schedule VI vs MCA Taxonomy

Chapter 1 - Loans & Advances. Compare disclore requirement under both compliances....

Posted on 17 July 2013  (Downloads: 680) Info Technology

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MCA XBRL Conversion

Conversion of Annual Report into XBRL Instance Document @ rs. 300 per page...

Posted on 16 July 2013  (Downloads: 251) Info Technology

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MCA XBRL - Exempt LinkBase list

List of LinkBase(group of elements) exempt in case of Consolidated or Standalone Financial Statements...

Posted on 15 July 2013  (Downloads: 158) Others

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MCA XBRL Mandatory Elements & Business Rules

List of Mandatory Elements and attached Business Rules, bifurcated based on linkbases...

Posted on 13 July 2013  (Downloads: 303) LAW

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XBRL - Indian vs US Taxonomy

Comparative understanding of Indian Taxonomy & US Taxonomy...

Posted on 12 July 2013  (Downloads: 247) Info Technology

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XBRL Conversion

XBRL Conversion rs.300 p e r p a g e...

Posted on 11 July 2013  (Downloads: 237) Corporate Law