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One of my poem on DREAM GIRL

Jolly type of person every time

Understanding most of the time

Naughty when needed to be sometimes
Even tried to be funny at times
Adorable to a lot of persons who knows her
Reasonable enough to be be friend her
Irreplaceable by Beyonce is her favorite song
Care so much for her body and does not like to wear thong
Humble enough for her beauty for she thinks it doesn’t last for long.

Like to watch movies and play PSP at home
And enjoys playing Rockband2 but not alone
Nice to those people who treat her right
Damn those who doesn’t know how to treat a girl right
In her own simple way she brightens up someone’s life
Courageous enough to face the challenges in her own life
Honesty of a person is such a treasure for her
Or else she’ll dump you and you will see her never!

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