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I can make balance sheet, or 3CD, or other financial reports, oh , I have done it, I am gr8.. It is all one can say after preparing financials,... but consider It is not you who have done it, it is the one above an all who is looking at us, and without whose wish not a leaf from a tree moves, ... could you make a balance sheet, had he not want you to do it? .. I can sal all this too.. but i know i am doing my work.. and he is making balance sheet, financials, getting assesement done , sccruitny work or whatever... i am wrestler, a pahalwan..

from childhood i used to learn the famous sport of india, the sport of milkman, the sport of mass of india, the sport of strong , helathy and fearless... so be it...

i would like to thank all you here...

tell me if there is a good job for me, .. in any case read my blogpost .. of a fearless accountant..

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