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professor emeritus of law and economics of Bombay university: Advocate/ (Mediator/transactional lawyer) of Bombay high Court. Practising law fulltime basis since 1981 initially as Labor adviser, then as corporate consultant; then from 2000 as Writ advocate; then mediator/conciliator (as litigation takes long testing time of the client - petitioners) under sec/39.

vetting legal briefs of advocates or the petitioners as proper easily readable briefs only attract the judges as that makes their  work easier;

Any advocate/CA can get his briefs vetted on a nominal fee in taxation laws too.

i am on USA tour; will be in india from March 2016. i am at kharghar near Jalavayu vihar at Bhoomiraj complex. at Sandalwood building .clo Bhavani Krishna kishore.


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Certificate in Quantitative Finance IIM Calcutta Applied Finance(Batch 17) GST Course
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