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Fool i mn full Profile Name: Nikhil Mittal Proff: Expiring mn aspiring(Deleted) C.A Location : Delhi My Balance sheet only have large amount of productive assets(my friends) which appreciate every day. My Liability account is always nil bcoz my all liabilities(girlfriends) has been taken over by my assets(frnds).The only thing i hav earned in my life are my friends and the things i hav lost are "to be my girlfriends" Goodwill account is amortising day by day due to gud grace of some of my gud assets(frnds), so management has decided to float an IPO for acquiring more assets before goodwill goes Zero. This company can be truly trusted and relied upon as a good friend . Expression of interst for girlfriends and friends are open heartedly invited. Disclosure:- 1) Girlfriends are subject to friend risk. 2) the company follow weighted average method for distribution of liabilities. The above statement shows true and fair views to the best of our knowledge... This is a computer generated document , hence no signature is required..... location: New Delhi, Delhi India

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