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Hello friends,

By qualification I am an Advocate and Company Secretary. I am also a proprietor of my Practicing Company Secretary firm named 'Usha & Associates'

My experience with this site has been excellant till now and i hope that it remain the same for that i need support from my fellow friends because i believe friendship does not mean just to include people for the sake of increment in your friend list untill you dont share your thoughts with them and be in touch with them.

Truly speaking my main intention before joining this site was to make a good friend circle and to share experience with them to make increment in my knowledge by sharing and discussing matters with them which i guess is being fulfilling now. I just want to say thanks for the suppost which i got from my friends and fellow professionals.



Usha Nimesh


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Certificate in Quantitative Finance IIM Calcutta Applied Finance(Batch 17) GST Course
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